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Supplemental Terms & Conditions for Merchant Offers
eBay Bucks for Merchant Offers Promotion

In addition to the Rewards as described in Section 4 of the eBay Bucks Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, you may also be able to earn additional Rewards based on a Qualifying Transaction, defined below ("Transaction Rewards"). Transaction Rewards means a U.S. dollar amount which will be given in the form of an eBay Bucks Certificate and will be attributed to the Eligible Participant's eBay account upon the following criteria:
  1. Only Eligible Participants who are the intended recipients of an invitation from eBay to participate in the eBay Bucks for Merchant Offers Promotion ("Merchant Promotion") may receive Transaction Rewards in connection with such Merchant Promotion;

  2. Within each Merchant Promotion the start date and end date will be stated ("Promotion Period");

  3. "Merchant Offer", from time to time select merchants will offer for a limited time various items or services for purchase or subscription;

  4. "Qualifying Transaction" occurs if an Eligible Participant who was the intended recipient of the Merchant Promotion invitation successfully completes a Merchant Offer from the merchant websites which are accessed from the Participant's eBay Bucks page during the Promotion Period;

  5. Transaction Rewards will be designated in each Merchant's Offer. No additional Rewards may be earned for the completion of a Qualifying Transaction.

  6. For this Merchant Promotion, Transaction Rewards are not subject to the Rewards cap of $500;

  7. Transaction Rewards are a subset of Rewards so regular Rewards and Transaction Rewards will be combined in the Eligible Participant's account and on the eBay Bucks Certificate;

  8. Transaction Rewards may not appear in the Eligible Participant's eBay Bucks account until fourteen (14) days after the Qualifying Transaction occurs;

  9. Transaction Rewards will be tied to the eBay account of the Eligible Participant and Transaction Rewards cannot be combined across accounts;

  10. Unused Transaction Rewards on an eBay Bucks Certificate are forfeited when the eBay Bucks Certificate expires;

  11. eBay reserves the right to hold back or otherwise suspend Transaction Rewards after the completion of a Qualifying Transaction in its sole discretion to investigate compliance with eBay's policies so Transaction Rewards may not post for Qualifying Transaction during eBay's investigation and will post if eBay clears the action; and

  12. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in section 6.1 in the eBay Bucks Rewards Terms & Conditions, and for the purpose of these Supplemental Terms & Conditions for Merchant Offers only, eBay reserves the right to modify or terminate these Supplemental Terms & Conditions for Merchant Offers at any time without posting prior notice.