eBay Bucks - YOUR bonus: DOUBLE eBay Bucks

on every qualifying single item* of $50 or more

May 30 - one day only

Who's eligible?
Only registered eBay Bucks participants who receive the offer from eBay in My Messages and pay for the item with PayPal are eligible. Sorry, no forwarding—the offer is not transferable.
Promotion details:

The Promotion starts at 12:01AM PT on May 30, 2013, and ends at 11:59PM PT on May 30, 2013. Bonus Rewards can only be earned on items purchased which meet the minimum purchase requirement specified in the offer.

Multiple bonus Rewards offers, up to quadruple eBay Bucks, were randomly sent to select eBay Bucks members.

*Qualifying items excluded from earning bonus Rewards include all items in the following categories: Classifieds, Business & Industrial, Real Estate, eBay Gift Cards (within the Gift Cards & Coupons category), Bullion (within the Coins & Paper category), and eBay Motors (except Parts & Accessories in eBay Motors which will earn eBay Bucks).

Rewards are capped at $100 per transaction and $500 per Earn Period. Purchases must be paid for with PayPal before the Promotion ends. eBay reserves the right to cancel, amend, or revoke the Promotion at any time. Other restrictions apply. See Terms & Conditions for details.