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There are now over 4,364 real estate properties sold on eBay Real Estate every month and thousands more are listed using our ad format! eBay is particularly popular for those selling unique homes, vacation homes, or homes for investors. Let yours be next!

•  If you wish to market your home beyond just your local area, then you need to post it on eBay real estate. Unlike any other sales channel, eBay exposes your properties to 147 million potential regional, national and international buyers.
•  Conduct open houses 24/7! There are now over 370,000 property tours (page views) everyday.
•  Generate excitement and urgency to help you achieve maximum value in a shorter time period.
•  Obtain a competitive advantage over other brokers! Homeowners choose brokers who will maximize the exposure of their properties.
•  New! Now you can purchase eBay-authorized real estate signs to direct local-area bidders to your online real estate posting.
•  It's cost effective! (Residential and Commercial Properties)
 $150 insertion fee for a 30-day ad or auction listing
 $300 insertion fee for a 90-day ad listing
 No final value fees or commissions on the sale!

Register on eBay. It's free!

Create a Seller's Account.

Click on the Sell button at the top of any eBay page.

Choose a format. Use the "ad format" to generate leads or the classic auction format.

Fill out the "Sell Your Item" form and submit your listing - don't forget to include pictures of the property. Create an effective eBay Real Estate listing.

eBay-authorized real estate signs let your local-area bidders know where to bid, and your deadline.Learn more...

There are lots of ways to make your listing stand out from the crowd on eBay. Which ones are right for you? Learn more...

For more information about selling your home on eBay, please visit our Seller Home Guide