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Home of small businesses. Always.

For over 25 years, small businesses have powered the majority of sales on eBay. They drive our economy, our communities, and Main Streets. That’s why eBay strives to fuel their long-term success at every step of the way.

Join us now in celebrating these small businesses today and every day.

Photograph of three sellers on a magenta background. The first is wearing a yellow bow that she made, the second is holding the delicious cookies he sells, and the third is a fashionista posing in a black dress.

Get to know these small businesses and shop their stores

Supporting their communities

Check out the sellers who are reshaping the world.

Video thumbnail of Angie Cardona-Nelson smiling into the camera.

Angies GreenGo Surplus

Angie Cardona-Nelson is turning electronic waste into an opportunity for a sustainable future.

Video thumbnail of Rachel Smith wearing a colourful rainbow tshirt.

Pride Socks

Rachel Smith is changing the world from feet up with socks that stand for love, pride, respect, and inclusion.

Video thumbnail of Sandra Gustard, smiling, wearing long locs and a Union Jack sweater.

Fountain Hair Growth & Skin Care

Sandra Gustard is sharing a traditional Jamaican remedy with others in need.

Every day, our community raises funds for causes they care about

Be your own boss

Meet the successful small sellers who built a business by their rules.

Video thumbnail of Ken Gaitano standing in front of a wall of sneakers and memorabilia.


Ken Gaitano is living the American dream through his successful sneaker store.

Video thumbnail of Liz O'Kane, holding up a cheetah print jacket.

Colorado Re*Worn

Liz O’Kane, a military veteran, is now her own boss at her fashion and home goods store.

Video thumbnail of Linda Lightman laughing admist racks of clothing.

Linda’s Stuff

Linda Lightman grew a home-based fashion store “one-woman show” to a 100,000 square-foot warehouse.

We enable businesses of all sizes to unlock opportunities worldwide

Turning a hobby into a business

These hobbyist-turned-entrepreneurs are sharing their passions with the world.

Video thumbnail of Yinka Ogunsunlade smiling in front of a wall of shoe boxes.

Fashionably Legal

Yinka Ogunsunlade is growing his sneaker and clothing business while being a full-time attorney.

Video thumbnail of Trong Nguyen, standing outside and smiling, with his arms crossed.

Homebrewer LAB

Trong Nguyen’s homebrewing tools are changing the way people make beer.

Video thumbnail of Roman Sharf, giving a knowing smile through his greying, sharply trimmed beard.

Luxury Bazaar

Roman Sharf left his career at a Fortune 500 to pursue his passion: selling luxury watches on eBay.

Become a seller

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