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 Program Guidelines  
Welcome to eBay's Community Member Spotlight Guidelines area.

The Community Member Spotlight Program is an eBay Community project created to promote the eBay experience by highlighting selected members of our community. Members who meet the program's qualifications and return a completed questionnaire and Authorization Release will be considered as candidates to participate in the program. Chosen members are then featured in our Community Member Spotlight. One member each month will be featured in Member Spotlight section of The Chatter community newsletter.

Interested members can request a Member Spotlight Questionnaire and Authorization Release by clicking on the link below. Once we have the completed questionnaire and authorization form returned toyou're your application will be considered for future "spotlights." Member Spotlight features are updated approximately once a month.

We invite you to participate in our Member Spotlight program today. Please review these qualifications before requesting a Member Spotlight Questionnaire and Authorization Release:
  • You must be a registered eBay user at least 18 years of age.
  • You need to have obtained at least a Turquoise Star (feedback profile of 100-499) and have at least a 98% positive feedback rating.
  • You must fill out eBay's Member Spotlight Questionnaire and Authorization Release in its entirety, leaving no blanks. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge and try and keep answers no longer than 75 words.
  • To voluntarily participate in the Member Spotlight Program, you must give eBay permission to display on the eBay Site all information and other materials submitted with Member Spotlight Questionnaire and Authorization Release.
  • Participants are selected at eBay's discretion.
Still interested?

To request a questionnaire, please send an email to *

* Please note: The email address is for Member Spotlight related email only. To contact eBay for other reasons, please click here.

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