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Fall 2005 Edition
Style Solutions for Everyday Life
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Man Style
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 Man Style  





Hilfiger’s 20th anniversary show was an occasion for the designer to look back in order to go forward. On his runway, preppy still reigned, but the message this time around was:    ‘Don’t take it too seriously.’ The good life was captured in shorts and pants with fanciful prints and embroidery including lobsters and palm trees. Crisp navy and white formed the backdrop for whimsical pastels like pink, lavender and green.


Gotta-get pieces from Hilfiger’s new line include:


·         Totally wacky lobster-print pants. Are you man enough?

·         Pastel sweaters

·         White jeans and cargo pants

·         Great seersucker -- either pants or jackets




The look is vintage preppy so it shouldn’t be too hard to imitate at more accessible prices. Check out:


·         Abercrombie & Fitch

·         Hollister

·         The GAP

·         J. Crew

·         State Property