Try our beta form—it's a fresh, new way to list on eBay

Now you can create a successful listing in just a few quick steps—even if you've never tried selling on eBay.
We're still working on this new listing form, and right now it's only available through our U.S. site—but we'll expand it to other countries soon.
After you list something and see how simple it is, please tell us what you think about it.


We've taken the guesswork out of selling.

We'll give you insider tips, so you don't have to make so many decisions and spend time weighing all the options.

We'll do the research for you.

We'll find useful info about your item—like how much it's selling for and and how to ship it.

We'll give you the tools, but you choose what's best for you.

If we enter a shipping cost or show you a price you don't want to use, just change it!


Got something to sell?

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