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What is

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a fully accredited and licensed escrow company in 48 US states. To date, has securely handled over $4 billion in transactions. Watch a short video on how to buy or sell a vehicle with on eBay Motors.


What is escrow? 

An escrow is a financial and legal arrangement where a neutral third party temporarily holds a sum of money or property until a transaction between a buyer and seller is complete. This arrangement increases the safety of the transaction by verifying the identity of the parties and ensuring that both buyers and sellers are satisfied with the transaction.

Simple, Safe and Trusted

Using to facilitate your transaction offers a simple and more secure sales process, giving both Buyer and Seller greater peace of mind. From start to finish, ensures your transaction runs smoothly and securely. has over 20 years of experience securing transactions for customers throughout the United States and around the world.

Buying a vehicle?

When you use to complete your vehicle purchase, will securely hold your payment until you have inspected and accepted the vehicle. If there is an issue with your purchase, you can return the vehicle to the Seller and have your funds returned to you from your escrow account subject to the terms of the General Escrow Instructions.

Selling a vehicle?

If you are selling a vehicle on eBay, you can choose to enable as a payment method for your customers when you create your listing, offering your Buyer the peace of mind that comes from this safer and more secure payment option. When a Buyer commits to purchase your vehicle, they will choose whether to use for handling payment. Click here to learn more about’s guide to selling a car.

How works

Here’s an overview of how works with eBay Motors. 

  1. An transaction is initiated when Buyer and Seller have agreed to the terms of vehicle purchase on an eBay Motors listing where has been enabled as a payment option. Buyer will be redirected to during check out to complete the process. 
  2. The Buyer creates an account on, verifies their identity and deposits the vehicle payment funds to via credit card or PayPal if the purchase price is less than $5,000 and wire transfer if the purchase price is greater than $5,000. Click here to learn more about Escrow payment options.
  3. The Seller is notified via email that the Buyer has started the transaction and creates an account if they don’t already have one. 
  4. Once the Buyer’s funds are secured, the Seller is notified by to ship the vehicle to the Buyer.
  5. Once the Buyer receives the vehicle, they will have a period of two business days to inspect and either accept or reject the vehicle. For more information about Inspection Period click here.
  6. Once the vehicle has been accepted by the Buyer, the funds are released to the Seller's bank account. If the Buyer rejects the vehicle, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to cover the cost of shipping the vehicle back to the Seller.

Data Sharing

To facilitate your transaction, eBay and will exchange information about you and the transaction. Click here to learn more about what information eBay and collects and stores.


Phaeton car

I wanted to thank you for all the help in the purchase of my Phaeton through eBay. It was very helpful to use this alliance between eBay and your escrow company as it was always a concern for a buyer to purchase a car before they received it. I hope more purchasers avail themselves of your services so that this becomes a normal practice in the future.”

Buyer is a 72 year old man from New Hampshire purchasing 1931 Ford Model A Phaeton for $10,200 from a seller from California.

BMW R Series

I bought a motorcycle through eBay, and was convenient to use, worked well and gave me peace of mind about the largest Online purchase I have ever made. Great website, I was very satisfied with the experience!”

Koji F from California purchased 1978 BMW R100RS Motosport R 100 RS for $8790 from a seller from Alabama.

Sprinter Van

My experience purchasing with on eBay was good overall. I really think the service adds an extra level of security for your online transactions.”

Buyer from California purchased 2017 Mercedes Sprinter Worker for $25,000 from a seller from Nevada.


How are the fees calculated?

The fee will be between 0.89 - 3.25% depending on the vehicle purchase price. The vehicle purchase price is determined by the listing format. For auction style listings, the vehicle purchase price is the value of the winning bid. For fixed price listings, the vehicle purchase price is the fixed price. If Seller accepts an offer from Buyer, the vehicle purchase price is the value of the accepted offer. 

To calculate your estimated fee click here.

How long does it take to process my payment?

Wire transfers are typically received into escrow within 1 business day. You can see the status of your payment at any time on

Once the vehicle has been inspected and accepted by the Buyer, funds are typically released within 1 business day and received the next business day into your bank account. Exact timing depends on your financial institution.

For more information about’s payment process click here.

What if I have a problem with my transaction?

If there are any issues, please contact’s customer support department through phone support, email at, or chat support at’s live phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8am to 11pm, Pacific.

For more information about click here.

What forms do I need to fill out?

Your transaction with will be processed electronically and no additional forms are required.

DMV forms related to registration and title transfer should still be filled out as normal by the Buyer and Seller.

Will a credit check be needed?

No. Transacting using will not affect your credit. requests a copy of your driver's license or other government issued identification only to verify your identity and secure your transaction.

For more information about’s verification process click here.

Can I use for vehicles other than cars & trucks?

Yes, can be used for motorcycles, boats, RVs, Powersports and more.

For more information about’s vehicle transactions click here

Who do I contact if I am having issues?

If there are any issues contact’s customer support department through phone support, email at, or chat support at’s live phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8am to 11pm, Pacific.

For more information about click here.

eBay phone support is available Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm MST

You can learn more about policies and legal documents here:




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