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Stay ahead of competitors and create more selling opportunities with three ways to take action. Open the Growth tab in a new window to follow along.

Price Inventory Guide Listing Price Inventory Guide Listing

Listing Improvements

Reveal competitive trends that can make your items more attractive to buyers.
  • Choose an item and click on Analyze Listing to see a page of insights about it.
  • Adjust the price of your item to match top competitors based on eBay’s recommendation.
  • Review competitive pricing of items like yours based on eBay’s trending prices and the web’s best prices.
  • Compare your listings with competitor listings—decide if you want to make changes to yours.
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Price Inventory Guide Sourcing Price Inventory Guide Sourcing

Sourcing Guidance

Learn what will sell in the next few months at what price.
  • Search for items by keyword or by browsing a list of categories. Plus, browse listings you’re following, your categories, or recently viewed items.
  • Select an item to view a page of metrics, including seasonal shopping activity and the trending price over the past year.
  • Analyze the top selling opportunities by score. The higher the score on a specification, the higher the demand.
  • Find the scores of specific items by selecting variables like product line or color, and click Apply.
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Price Inventory Guide Restock Advice Price Inventory Guide Restock Advice

Restock Advice

Find out what is likely to sell out soon based on your current sales rate.
  • Review an item and see how many you’ve sold, how many are available, and the number of weeks that are remaining until it sells out.
  • See the number of items we recommend adding to your stock.
  • Contact your suppliers to replenish your items.
  • Check back to see updated data.
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