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Enabling greener commerce is a strategic priority for eBay Inc. Connecting buyers and sellers like you around sustainably made, resource-saving or pre-owned products is something we’ve been doing for years. It’s one of the ways we think we can, together with our community, have a positive impact in the world.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to discontinue as a standalone site and focus on further integrating greener ways to shop into the core experience. All items listed on have always been (and will continue to be) available through the standard eBay marketplace, where the vast majority of our buying and selling activity takes place. By directing our efforts to surfacing greener products through itself, we believe we can improve your experience and have an even greater impact.

We know eBay buyers and sellers are passionate about making a positive impact – raising your hands to form a community of over 300,000 eBay Green Team members. As we refocus our efforts to integrate with the broader eBay community, we’ll no longer have a separate eBay Green Team membership, but will continue to build greener shopping experiences and ways to engage for those who have previously indicated their passion to enable greener commerce (not to mention the rest of the eBay community!).

We invite you to check out a few of the ways you can still find greener products and information on

Rest assured that we’re continuing to work on new concepts and useful tools that help integrate your values throughout the shopping experience. Stay updated on our progress by following @eBayInc on Twitter and by visiting the eBay Inc. Blog. If you have ideas or feedback, we want to hear from you – drop us a note at