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UseNet Policy

eBay users may not post on Usenet groups (Internet newsgroups) to advertise eBay or an eBay listing that is inappropriate or violates the Usenet board policy. If Usenet abuse is reported to eBay, we may among other remedies) remove the listing, issue a warning, temporarily suspend or indefinitely suspend the offender's eBay account.

We have no tolerance for UseNet abuse and will take action as appropriate. Please note that we can only take action in cases where it is clear that an eBay member has posted to the Usenet inappropriately.

Usenet abuse should also be reported to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the email provider of the person posting on the Usenet. Both of these organizations are in a much better position to prevent future Usenet abuse. Generally, you can send email to abuse@"ISP".com to properly report perceived violations.