Describing Your Store

    Your Store description gives you an opportunity to tell buyers what your eBay Store is about in a brief, well-written statement. You can describe what you sell, what's special about it, how long you've been in business, your area of expertise, and so on. The theme and header style that you choose for your Store will determine whether your Store name and description appear in your storefront. Be sure to review the header and theme styles to determine which one suits your Store's needs.

    Note: Do not include links or URLs to Web sites outside of eBay in your description. For more information, please see our Links Policy in the eBay Help Center.

    Optimizing your description for Web search engines

    People often use Web search engines (such as Google or Yahoo!) to find products they want to purchase. If your eBay Store appears prominently in the search results, your Store is more accessible to buyers.

    Tips to help increase your Store's placement:

    • Use words in your description that you think people might enter when they search for a product.

      For example, if you specialize in wrist watches, state that you sell "wrist watches" rather than "timepieces". A more straightforward description will improve your Store's chances of being found by interested buyers.

    • Make sure your description accurately represents your Store. Filling your description with product or brand names that you don't usually have in stock (known as "keyword spamming") will frustrate buyers and actually cause your Store's placement in search results to decline.

    • Use a Store theme that includes your Store description in the header (for example, the "Classic Left" theme), because this increases your chances of appearing in search results.