Sending Items to Online Auction


Online Auction listings appear in regular eBay search results, so they're a powerful way to bring more buyers to your eBay Store - especially when you display your store's visual branding, insert store links in the item description, and cross-promote your Store Inventory items. The Send to Online Auction feature lets you create Online Auction listings from your Store Inventory quickly and easily.

How it works

Using the Send to Online Auction form, fill in the options you want for the new Online Auction listing. If your Store Inventory listing has multiple items, you can use the Quantity drop-down to specify how many items to send to the Online Auction listing. The remaining items will stay in the Store Inventory listing. If you send all of the items, the Store Inventory listing will automatically end when the Online Auction listing begins. After reviewing your choices and clicking the Submit Listing button, the Online Auction listing will begin and run as a regular auction-style listing on eBay. Items that are unsold when the listing ends will not automatically return to a Store Inventory listing.

Sending to multiple Online Auction listings

For convenience, you can send items from multiple Store Inventory listings to multiple Online Auction listings at once. In the Items I'm Selling view of My eBay, go to the Format drop-down menu, select "Store Inventory," and click Go. Only your Store Inventory listings will be shown in the list. (Selling Manager Pro users can do this by going to the Active Listings view and clicking the "Show: Store Items" link.)

Making changes to multiple listings at the same time

You can edit multiple listings in bulk and apply the same set of changes to all of your listings at the same time:

  1. On the Send to Online Auction page, click the "Bulk edit" link.

  2. Make the changes you want to make which will apply to all of your listings shown on the previous Send to Online Auction page. For example, if you want all of your listings to have a border, click the drop-down menu next to Border, then select Add to All.

  3. When you've made the last of the changes you want to make, click Continue.

    After you click the Continue button, the Send to Online Auction page will appear, showing the changes you just applied to all of your listings shown on the page. You can make individual changes to each listing if you'd like. (That's a good way to make a couple of exceptions to the bulk changes you made.)


The standard fees for creating a listing in Online Auction format apply. Note that these are usually higher than or different from Store Inventory fees.