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Providing vehicle details

Buyers want to know all they can about the vehicle you are selling. Remember, a feature you think is unimportant, like air conditioning or a CD player, could be a major selling point for the buyer.

Here are some key items to include in your eBay Motors description:

Vehicle Identification Number

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is an extremely important piece of information for a potential buyer. The VIN can be used to consult public sources such as AutoCheck about the history of the vehicle (such as flood or collision damage). Once you enter the VIN on eBay Motors, many of the other characteristics of your vehicle may be automatically completed on the listing page.

To find your 17-digit VIN:

Your VIN is on your vehicle registration card or automobile insurance declaration. It is often imprinted on the dashboard near the windshield or inside the driver's doorjamb.


The vehicle trim level designates the sub-model, body type, and number of doors. For example, base coupe 2-door.


Engine type includes the size (in Liters), block type (like V or H), number of cylinders, (like 4, 6, or 8), fuel type (gas, diesel, electric), cylinder type (like SOHC or DOHC), and aspiration (like naturally aspirated or turbocharged). An example would be 2.7L V6 gas DOHC naturally aspirated.

Drive type

Drive type describes whether the engine powers front wheels (FWD), rear wheels (RWD), or all wheels (AWD or four-wheel drive).

Optional equipment

Be sure to include descriptions of any optional equipment (like fog lamps or cruise control, for example).

Existing warranty

Include information about any warranty coverage your vehicle may have. Most warranties are good for at least 3 years or 36,000 miles. Find out if you're able to transfer an extended warranty to the new owner, or see if your vehicle qualifies for our free purchase protection.

Vehicle inspections

Consider having your vehicle inspected by a professional third party who verifies the vehicle's condition. A link from your listing to the inspection helps attract more serious buyers.

Vehicle condition

The condition of the vehicle you are selling is especially important to close the deal with a buyer. Always think like a buyer and be as accurate and complete as possible so the buyer can bid with confidence.

Title history

Provide the complete title history. If there was a salvage title in the history, make sure it is disclosed in the listing description.

Terms of sale

Notify buyers of any specific requirements you have to complete the sale of vehicle. The terms can help you make the sale easier if the buyer is prepared.

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