Creating a user ID

A user ID is the unique name that you use to identify yourself on eBay and can be seen by all eBay users. Your user ID is shown when you buy or sell on eBay or communicate with other eBay members.

You sign into your eBay account with your user ID and password. When you register, choose a user ID that you like and that you'll remember.

As you type in a possible user ID, we'll provide suggestions of what's available.

Things to consider when creating a user ID:

  • Create a user ID that contains a combination of letters and numbers that is at least 6 characters long.

  • Use a user ID that tells members something about your business, but isn't related to personal information (for example, avoid your name, your birthday, or the town you live in).

  • Some examples: school_teacher_trains_1, teddybear4kids, fashion_design_4_women

Things that you can't include in a user ID:

  • Spaces or tabs.

  • Special characters or symbols (like $ or %). Asterisks, underscores, periods, and dashes are OK.

  • Your first or last name.

  • Obscene or profane words.

  • Email addresses or web address (for example,, or representations of email addresses or web addresses (for example, xyz_com).

  • A user ID or eBay Store name that's already being used.

  • Any characters other than letters, numbers, asterisks, underscores, periods, or dashes.

  • Consecutive underscores __ .

  • The word eBay.

  • The letter e followed by numbers.

  • A term that could be confused with someone else's trademark or brand (for example, CocaColaSeller).

Note: If you received the message You have entered a user ID that is not allowed, you may have included a character that isn't allowed in a user ID.