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Trust and Safety tutorials

Our tutorials can help you comply with eBay policies, buy and sell safely, and increase your overall knowledge of eBay.

We do understand that sometimes rules and policies involve complex concepts. Our tutorials are designed to give you:

  • Overviews and specific examples on creating better listings

  • A better understanding of our policies

  • Tips on how to avoid common mistakes when listing items on eBay

However, you shouldn't consider the information in these tutorials as legal advice.

The tutorials include between 7 and 15 questions and can take anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes to complete.

Fee circumvention policy tutorial

  • What fee circumvention means

  • How to avoid violating this policy

  • How avoiding fees can negatively affect both buyers and sellers

More info about this policy

10–15 minutes

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Feedback policy tutorial

  • Why Feedback is important and how it helps buyers and sellers

  • How to use the eBay Feedback system

  • How to get in touch with your buyer or seller before leaving Feedback

 More info about our Feedback policies

5–10 minutes

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Intellectual property tutorial

More info about our rules on intellectual property

10–15 minutes

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Marketplace policies tutorial

  • Why eBay has policies and why these rules help provide a better and safer buying and selling experience

  • How eBay protects intellectual property rights and how we implement our Feedback policies

  • How to avoid violating eBay policies and what could happen when someone breaks the rules

More info about our rules and policies

40–45 minutes

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Search and browse manipulation policy tutorial

  • What search and browse manipulation means

  • Why it's important to find the items you want and what we're doing to make that easier

  • How to create listings that follow our rules

More info about this policy  

10–15 minutes

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Shill bidding policy tutorial

  • What shill bidding means

  • How to avoid shill bidding

  • How shill bidding negatively affects buying and selling on eBay

  • What could happen if people break the rules

More info about this policy

15–20 minutes

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Trademark listing policy tutorial

  • Rules around using brand names, logos, pictures, and text 

  • How to list items that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty

More info about how eBay protects intellectual property

15–20 minutes

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