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Why doesn't my item appear as "paid"?

If you already paid for this item but it doesn't appear as paid in My eBay, don't be alarmed. If the seller has acknowledged receiving payment from you, there's no problem.

If you paid for an item and My eBay is still showing it needs to be paid, you can manually mark the item as paid for your own records. Marking your item as paid does not notify the seller. No matter what the status is in My eBay, as long as your seller acknowledges receiving payment, your part of the transaction is complete.

To mark an item as paid:
  1. In the left column of My eBay, click the Purchase History link.

  2. From the More actions drop-down menu,select Mark as payment sent. The $ icon turns blue, showing that payment is complete.

Note: If you pay for your item using PayPal, or the seller marks the item as Payment Received on their My eBay page, the status will display as Payment Sent. However, if you paid using another payment method, and you manually mark the item as Payment Sent, the seller is not automatically notified.

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