Entering Your Highest Maximum Bid

To increase your chances of winning, it's always best to enter the highest amount you'd pay for the item you're interested in. This is often not what you end up paying.

Here's why: Once you enter your highest amount, eBay will automatically bid on your behalf up to this maximum. If the item ends for less than your maximum, that's all you'll have to pay.

Here's an example:

1. You enter a $50 bid for a picture ($50 is the highest amount you'd pay for this item).

2. eBay compares your bid to those of other bidders.

3. The bidding ends at $10.

4. You'll only have to pay $10, not $50! Why? eBay will only use as much of your bid as necessary to win.

Just enter your highest maximum bid once, and eBay will take care of the bidding for you. In this way, you could pay significantly less than the amount you entered!