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Making sense of the icons in My eBay

About icons

In My eBay, you'll see many different icons to help you easily buy and sell.

Sometimes, an icon will appear either blue or gray.

  • Blue Blue shopping cartmeans the action has been completed

  • Gray Gray shopping cart means the action hasn't been complete.

Here are the icons you'll see in My eBay, and what they mean:

Listing icons

Listing format

Hammer. Auction-style format icon Auction-style format
Fixed price format icon Fixed price format
Best offer only icon Best Offer Only format
Classified Ad format icon Classified Ad format

Listing information

Item ending soon icon Item is ending soon
Second chance offer icon Second Chance Offer
Shipping discount available Shipping discount available
Top Rated Plus seal Top Rated Plus listing
About Me icon Member's profile
eBay Store icon Member's eBay Store
Buy It Now icon Buy It Now item
 You've been outbid
Relisted item/This item has not been relisted Item has been relisted/Item has not been relisted
Sell a similar item/No similar item Sell a similar item/No similar item

Transaction icons


Blue shopping cart. Buyer has completed checkout Buyer completed checkout
Gray shopping cart. Buyer has not yet completed checkout Buyer has not completed checkout


Buyer paid for the item Buyer paid for the item
Buyer has not yet paid for the item Buyer has not paid for the item
Payment has been refunded Payment has been refunded
Buyer paid for the item (Euro) Buyer paid for the item (on sites using the Euro as primary currency)
Buyer paid for the item (UK) Buyer paid for the item (on UK site)
PayPal payment is pending PayPal payment is pending
Item is partially paid for Item is partially paid for
Seller received electronic payment Seller received electronic payment
Final value fee Final value fee
Total requested Total requested


Seller shipped the item Seller shipped the item
Seller has not shipped the item Seller has not shipped the item

Feedback icons


You left Feedback You left Feedback (learn what the different colored stars mean.)
You have not left Feedback You have not left Feedback
You have received Feedback You have received Feedback
You received neutral Feedback or You received neutral Feedback You received neutral Feedback
You received positive Feedback or You received positive Feedback You received positive Feedback
You received negative Feedback or You received negative Feedback You received negative Feedback
You have not received Feedbackor You have not received Feedback You have not received Feedback

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