Shipping an item back to the seller

If you reached an agreement with the seller for a refund, you need to return the item to the seller.

You need to send the item back to the seller within 5 business days of starting your request for a return.

You usually need to pay for return shipping, except in situations where you and the seller agree to another arrangement, or we agree to pay the shipping.

When you return an item to the seller, you must include tracking information. That way we know when the package is in transit, and we can confirm that the item has been delivered. After you ship the item, enter the tracking information in your return request in My eBay.

If the item costs $750 or more, you must also include signature confirmation.

The seller refunds you within 6 business days of receiving the returned item. If you're returning the item because it didn't match the listing description, your refund covers the cost of the item and original shipping. The refund is issued to your PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, we ask you to open one.

  • If you ask us to step in and help with a return request, and we determine that the seller owes you a refund, we may put the case on hold for a few days to give you time to ship the item back to the seller.

  • If you start a return request but you don't return the item to the seller, we automatically close the request after 30 days.