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Buying to benefit nonprofit organizations

When you buy items marked with the eBay for Charity icon eBay Giving Works icon (ribbon), part or all of your purchase will support a certified nonprofit organization.

Finding eBay for Charity listings

eBay for Charity listings are marked in search results with the eBay for Charity icon eBay Giving Works icon (ribbon). Only nonprofit organizations registered with PayPal Giving Fund, our nonprofit partner, can benefit from eBay for Charity listings. On the listing page you can find out what nonprofit is being supported and what percentage of the sale the seller is donating to the nonprofit. If you want to see only eBay for Charity listings, please visit eBay for Charity, where you can search for items by keyword, category, specific cause, or nonprofit organization.

Buying an eBay for Charity item

If you buy an eBay for Charity listing, follow the seller's payment instructions. For individual sellers (Community Selling), PayPal Giving Fund collects the donation from the seller and forwards 100% of the donation amount to the seller's chosen nonprofit.

Note: When you buy from a nonprofit organization that is selling on its own behalf (Nonprofit Direct Selling), you pay the nonprofit directly. PayPal Giving Fund doesn't process these sales.

Donating cash to a nonprofit organization

You can donate to a nonprofit during checkout as long as you pay with PayPal, even if you buy an item that isn't an eBay for Charity listing. You can add a donation of $1 to $25 to the amount you pay when you checkout. You can choose one or more favorite nonprofits to appear on your checkout pages, or we'll suggest a nonprofit for you each time.

To choose a favorite nonprofit:
  1. Click on Charity Search on the left side of the page.

  2. Enter the name of your favorite charity in the search box, or browse the categories to find a charity that you would like to support.

  3. Click Add to My Favorites for your selected charity. You may need to sign in to eBay.

You can also use Donate Now on eBay for Charity to make an online cash donation to your favorite nonprofit organization, without buying or selling anything. Use your PayPal account to donate as little as $1. You don't need to be an eBay member to use Donate Now.

These donations are tax deductible.

Tax deductions for buyers

Donations made using Give At Checkout and Donate Now are tax deductible. Generally, you can't claim a tax deduction for eBay for Charity items you buy. You should consult a tax professional with questions about your specific circumstances.

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