Using a Confirmation Code

When you submit a request to confirm your email address, eBay will send you a confirmation email to your new email address. Open your confirmation email and follow the instructions.

If you've done this but nothing happens, please follow these steps:

  1. Find your confirmation code near the bottom of the confirmation email.
  2. Enter your confirmation code in the specified box (if it isn't already entered for you).

If your email is not already displayed on this page, be sure to enter the new email address you entered on the first page of the update process. Then click the Continue button.

Haven't received your confirmation email yet?

Please try the following:

  • Check to see if your inbox is full. If it is full, you may need to delete some existing emails in order to receive new ones. After deleting emails, you will need to re-start this process.
  • If you have a bulk mail or junk mail folder, check to see if your eBay email is there.
  • AOL/CompuServe users: Make sure your Mail Controls are set to receive emails from the Internet. If you have Internet email blocked, please change your Mail Controls by entering the keyword "Mail Controls" on AOL or Compuserve. After changing your Mail Controls, you will need to re-start this process.
  • Wait up to 24 hours. Since eBay doesn't control your email system, your email may not arrive instantly.
  • If 24 hours have passed, and you still haven't received your confirmation email, then re-start this process.


  • You may decide how you'd like to be contacted by eBay by going to the "My Preferences" page in My eBay. For example, you can elect to receive notifications when you are outbid.