Your Card Identification Number

The Card Identification Number is an added security feature to help protect you against online fraud. It is a 3- or 4-digit number that appears on your credit or debit card, next to your regular card number. Because the Card Identification Number is non-embossed and therefore not printed on receipts, it helps ensure that someone cannot use your credit card information without having the card in hand.

Locating Your Card Idendification Number

The length and location of the Card Identification Number depends on which type of card you're using.
  • Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card

    Look for the 3-digit number immediately following the regular number on the back of your card:

  • American Express Card

    Look for the 4-digit number slightly above the embossed (raised) account number on the face of the card. In some instances it is located on the left side of the card, but is always above the account number.

Note: If your card does not have a Card Identification Number, then it cannot be used for this purpose. Please use another credit or debit card.