Text Message (SMS) Alert Charges

SMS alerts are short text messages sent to your mobile phone. You can receive text messages when an auction ends or you’ve been outbid. The text message will be a short description, item number, and bid amount for an item.

You will be charged $0.25 for up to 10 messages per item. After 10 messages for an item, you will be charged another $0.25 for the next 10 messages. The charges on your mobile phone bill will appear as eBay services.

Note: This amount does not include the charges from your service provider. Contact your service provider for information about additional charges.

You can also use text messaging to bid again for an item. Just respond to your text message alert, and enter your bid amount. Or, click the link in your text message and enter your bid amount (data charges may apply).

Go to for information about eBay Wireless services.