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eBay Giving Works

Cause-related marketing for business

Let your buyers know about your commitment to the environment, the arts, global poverty – whatever you’re most concerned about – by creating a listing with eBay Giving Works to benefit a nonprofit doing good work on a cause you care about.

Brands and businesses of all sizes have discovered great benefits from connecting with their customers over nonprofit causes through eBay Giving Works. Listings here can improve customer satisfaction and often result in higher sales and final prices - and a fee credit for you when your item sells!

Cause-related marketing tips

Stand out
eBay Giving Works listings are easy to spot — and hard to ignore. Every listing has the special charity ribbon next to it, catching buyers' eyes. And there are several ways for buyers to find your item: in the eBay category where you listed it, on eBay Giving Works, and on the benefiting nonprofit's About My Nonprofit page. It's like having 3 listings for the price of 1!

Show off your generosity
One look at the blue-and-yellow ribbon and buyers will know that you're making a difference — and be more inspired to view your listing. It's an easy way to build trust with someone who's never bought from you before — or increase loyalty from someone who has.

Work to attract more bids, higher prices
eBay Giving Works listings tend to sell at higher final prices, because buyers are more willing to buy — and often pay more — for items that benefit a nonprofit.

Receive a fee credit when your listing sells
Get rewarded for your generosity! We want to show you how much we appreciate your willingness to help a cause, so every time your eBay Giving Works listing sells, we'll credit back your Insertion and Final Value Fee by the same percentage you donated. Giving 50% of your item's final sale price? You'll get 50% of your fees back. How about 100%? You get all of your Insertion and Final Value Fees back! What could be easier?

Look for a natural fit between a cause and your products or customers.
Think pet supplies and animal rescue organizations; toys and children's organizations; women's clothing and organizations fighting breast cancer. By supporting a cause that your buyers are passionate about, you’ll make your items stand out. Search our nonprofit directory to find an organization that matches your interests from the thousands in our database.

Tie in your promotion with one of ours.
Our Spotlight on a Cause rallies the eBay Community around various causes throughout the year, such as the environment, breast cancer, education, and helping animals, among others. For example, October is Breast Cancer Month, so listing an item in October to benefit a nonprofit fighting breast cancer could give you that extra pop in traffic. Learn more about Spotlight on a Cause.

Sponsor a high-profile event.
High-profile auctions feature celebrities, VIP experiences, and travel. Certain nonprofits and causes attract more traffic when they’re benefiting from, or hosting, a special eBay Giving Works event. Request our High-Profile Listing Modules to learn more about the process.

For more information

Visit the eBay Giving Works Good Questions pages.

* As little as 1% on eBay Motors for all categories except Parts & Accessories. Not available for Classified Ads.
**Less a small deduction to help offset processing costs. Learn more about donations.

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Success Stories

Turning Challenges into Great Opportunities
Angel Guardians takes thrift business online and sees a 570% increase in average selling price. Learn more.

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