Benjamin’s collections are inpired by his interest in vintage mechanics

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Matter of time

“A watch is a tool. It’s mechanically brilliant.” Mechanical watches stand the test of time, while keeping it. You would be hard-pressed to find a more capable piece of machinery.

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top self

Bookends keep Shakespeare and Dickens from falling over. Whether they’re shaped like dice or antlers, they do their job well.

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For the record

Records make music tactile. The listening experience is full of depth, and the sleeves add another layer to the story.

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It's in the details

It’s the little things that go a long way. A well chosen pair of glasses or watch can become your signature.

Built for speed

“These things were made so well that no matter what was thrown at them they bounced right back.”

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Second hand

Some watches get better the more they are worn. They can tell a story rather than just the time.

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the makers

Crafted tools with history deserve a place on the table. Items like flasks and barware are equal parts attractive and functional.

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Point of interest

“Complicated in some regards and simple in others.” Vintage cameras are technical wonders. Their mechanics are so intricate they rival the attention of the photos they create.

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In the clear

Contemporary globes are precise, whereas older generations tell their story through unique imperfections. They don’t just tell us where we are. They tell us where we’ve been.

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