Make the connection with eBay and Facebook
Save time, share deals with friends, and find out about special sales and offers
when you connect your eBay and Facebook accounts.
Connect your accounts
It's easy! Just go to myeBay Site Preferences and Link your Facebook account.
New features
When you connect, new social features will be available.
Share your finds
Show off your latest purchases or items you're selling on eBay to your friends.
Find great deals
Get notified about the latest deals and discounts on eBay based on categories you like most.
Frequently asked questions
What is Facebook Connect?
Facebook Connect is a feature from Facebook that allows users to "connect" their Facebook identity to any website. For more on Facebook Connect, please visit the Facebook Help page.
How does Facebook Connect work with eBay?
Facebook Connect provides social features on eBay and makes it easier to share what you love. For existing eBay users, linking your Facebook and eBay accounts is done from myeBay under the site preferences tab.
What information will be shared with Facebook?
None of your eBay activity will be shared with Facebook without your explicit consent. You will have the ability to "Like" items on eBay and share that information with your Facebook friends, but only with your permission.
What if I want to stop using Facebook Connect?
You can disconnect your Facebook and eBay accounts at any time.

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