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The biggest news ever from eBay Motors

Local Market can increase revenue by delivering more qualified buyers to your dealership.
eBay Motors is still the best way to sell unique or hard-to-sell vehicles to buyers across the nation. Now, with Local Market, it’s also a great way to sell late-model vehicles to buyers in your backyard. Click here to compare eBay Motors’ national listings with Local Market.

Now you’ll be able to sell on eBay Motors with a handshake, because our new Local Market tool will bring more local buyers directly to your dealership. And these buyers aren’t your garden-variety tire kickers. They’re an active community of 100 million-plus loyal eBay buyers looking for your late-model vehicles. They simply search online by zip code and then come to you to close the deal either online or in person.

In addition, we’ve redesigned our website to attract more of these late-model car buyers. This better organized, user-friendly site makes it easier for them to find your listing in search of that perfect vehicle. Click here to learn more about the New eBay Motors.

Local Market provides cost effective sales
and lead generation.

Now you can list your entire lot on eBay Motors. Whether you have 3 vehicles or 300, buyers within 200 miles of your dealership can see your entire inventory online. You will pay one flat eBay Motors subscription fee and will use a Preferred Solution Provider.* There are no long-term commitments or insertion fees with Local Market.*

Local Market is easy to use.
Local Market gives you an entirely new way to sell, without changing how you normally do business. It doesn’t get much easier than that. And our Best Offer format allows you to agree to a price with a potential buyer before the listing is over.

Local Market requires the support of a Preferred Solution Provider* (PSP) who will do all the heavy lifting for you. These PSPs automatically upload and update all your listings, and many provide additional services such as real-time inventory integration to your existing website, descriptive used-vehicle window stickers, and video technology.

Learn More
Watch our Local Market video or Download our Local Market brochure to learn more.
And call our qualified Dealer Consultants at 1-866-322-9227 to get started today.

*Special notes on Local Market subscriptions:
Participation in the Local Market program requires that you work with a Preferred Solution Provider offering bulk upload and other productivity tools. Fees will apply and will vary according to the Preferred Solution Provider and service you choose. A $50 online Successful Listing Fee will apply to each vehicle sold online through eBay Motors. The Local Market subscription also includes a free subscription for a featured tier eBay Store. If you do not already have an eBay Store then one will be created during this process. eBay will provide you with a toll-free telephone number at no charge and associated services for use in your local market listings during your subscription to Local Market.

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