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Your Name and User ID in Emails

Protecting your identity is an important part of staying safe online. Some identity thieves send emails that look like they are from a company you know and trust, asking for personal information. These are known as "spoof" emails.

To help the eBay Community determine the difference between emails sent by eBay and spoof emails, eBay is going to start including a header in some of the emails that we send. This header contains the first and last name you registered on your eBay account, along with your eBay User ID.

Please note: Since eBay sends many different types of emails, not all will contain your name and User ID at first. If an email looks like it came from eBay but doesn't include your name and User ID, it may still be legitimate, but we recommend using caution.

Why eBay is including your name and User ID in emails

Since people who send out spoof emails often don't have your first and last name as well as eBay User ID, receiving an email that contains this information should increase your confidence that the email was sent by eBay.

There may still be cases where spoof emails could contain your first and last name as well as eBay User ID, so seeing this information isn't a foolproof indicator that eBay sent an email, but if this information in not included, you should be extra cautious that the email was not sent by eBay.

Why all emails aren't being updated at once eBay sends many different types of emails. Updating all emails at once would simply be too large an undertaking. Therefore, eBay has decided to update all emails over the next several months. Once all emails have been updated, we will change this page to reflect that the update is complete.

Determining when an email is from eBay

eBay's Spoof Tutorial gives several strategies for determining whether or not an email if from eBay. In addition, eBay Toolbar with Account Guard will notify you when you click on a link that takes you to a known spoof or "phishing" Web site.

To report email that appears to have been sent by eBay that you suspect was not, send us the email with the complete message text and full header or forward the entire message to using the forward function of your email program. When forwarding the message, please don't change the subject line, send additional text, or send the message as an attachment

The email address is reserved for handling reports of attempts to impersonate eBay. In order to investigate these reports in a timely manner, we can only accept forwarded messages at this address.

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