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eBay Live FAQ

What is eBay Live?

eBay Live is a highly interactive livestream shopping experience. This real-time platform allows eBay buyers to shop curated livestream events, hosted by their favorite influencers, brands, and sellers. Visit the eBay Live Hub for more information.

Do I need an eBay account to participate on eBay Live?

Yes, you’ll need to be signed into the eBay app before you can interact with an eBay Live event. Currently, only users registered in the US can participate.

Download the eBay app and then create or sign into your eBay account to get started.

Where can I find and join eBay Live events?

Check out the eBay Live Hub for a schedule of upcoming eBay Live events. You can set an in-app reminder or scan an event’s QR code to access an eBay Live event. You can also follow your favorite sellers to be notified when they go live.

For reminders about upcoming eBay Live events, enable push notifications from eBay in your account settings. Learn more.

My eBay > Settings > Notifications > Recommendations and Rewards and turn on General Promotions

Will my eBay Live activity be public?

Yes, your username and eBay Live activity will be viewable to all livestream attendees. It’s possible that the livestream could be recorded or used by other users.

We welcome users to express themselves but please be respectful to the hosts and mindful of the community. Learn more about our Community Guidelines and eBay rules and policies.

How do auctions work on eBay Live? What are extended auctions (also known as “popcorn auctions” or “soft-close auctions”)?

Sellers can choose to list their items as fixed-price listings (Buy It Now) or as auction listings. If the Seller lists an item as an auction, the Seller may choose to enable extended auctions, which provide extra time if bidding is still hot at the scheduled close of a listing. If a bid is placed in the last 10 seconds of an auction on eBay Live, an extra 10 seconds will be added to the auction’s duration.

During the live auction, the high bid and bidder’s username will be displayed just above the comments section. The winning bidder will receive an in-app notification and a message in their eBay inbox.

How do I place a bid during an eBay Live event?

eBay Live participants can bid on the items showcased in the event with a simple one-touch action.

All bids are final and cannot be retracted. Cancellations due to buyer’s remorse are not allowed. Canceled orders will be reviewed case by case.

How do I know if I won an eBay Live Auction?

The winning bidder will receive an in-app notification and a message in their eBay inbox. Payment must be completed through the normal checkout process in accordance with eBay policy. Learn more.

How can I sell on eBay Live?

eBay Live is currently in beta with select sellers. Please fill out an eBay Live Seller Interest Form if you’d like to host an eBay Live event, and we’ll notify you as soon as you’re eligible to start selling live.

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