Vignelli is a legend! And Alan Heller, who manufactures these today, is my mentor. They’re functional, fun, and I’m connected to them.

Bradford Head of Personalization & Engagement

I wanted something completely unique, so I went to eBay. There’s only one of these in the whole wide world and it’s mine. I love it so much.

Maya Designer

I’m obsessed with all things Mid Century Modern. eBay is my go-to, even for a vintage walkie-talkie.

Jeremy Senior Designer

It's a jumpsuit! It's $45! It's awesome!

Yonius Senior Designer

My husband and I collect these cool Duvel Collection Limited Edition beer glasses. We love Belgian beer!

Priscilla Senior UX Design Producer

Flying kites is a newfound passion for me, and now, I can literally ‘go fly a kite’—anywhere!

Chris Mobile Designer

I’m a shopping fiend—online, in-store, mid-flight, wherever! I connect with other eBay shoppers on that level.

Soleil Designer

I rode this exact bike as a kid. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. People at eBay get that.

Fabian Senior Designer

I had a vision for what I wanted to create but the yarn was discontinued, so I searched eBay and voila!

Annette Lead UX Researcher

I grew up in the 80s listening to rap and hardrock on one of these. It was the holy grail—the loudest and baddest you could buy.

Joe Senior Designer

I’m a hardcore record collector. My passion and my job are often the same.

Jon Senior Designer

This bag was a steal. Working at eBay has made me the diva of deals.

Michelle Sr. Director, Design Operations

It’s completely ridiculous. Who needs to make pizza and coffee at the same time? I DO.

Drew Director, User Interface Design

I’d call myself an aspiring percussionist, but there’s something special about the xylophone.

Quinton Senior Designer