Learn about our inspirations, beliefs, and how we work together.

About Us

Learn about our inspirations, beliefs, and how we work together.


Using design as a force for good

Our vision for commerce is one that is enabled by people, powered by technology, and open to everyone. While we're creating experiences used by millions, our goal is to empower each and every person to grow and thrive.


Small teams make a big impact

Our work style places people and culture over process. Nimble, collaborative teams lead the way for projects to iterate quickly. Here, decision-making work often happens in the moment and design helps drive new ideas forward.

Our roles


We create, refine, and innovate user experiences across multiple platforms. We believe in designing intentional, useful, and elegant products that we're proud of and our customers love.

Content Strategists

We drive product experiences with UX copy that helps people navigate seamlessly across all touchpoints. We're more than writers; we're guardians of tone, creators of cohesive language, and storytellers of powerful narratives.

Design Program Managers

We create order out of chaos. At any given moment, we're leading design sprints, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and making sure projects are on target. We feel most accomplished when the whole team is in the groove.

Design Researchers

We have a passion for understanding what drives people and find answers through primary research like interviews, usability studies, ethnography, and surveys. Our work helps make better decisions for the products that we ship.

Design Engineers

We're true hybrids—part designers, part developers. Our digital dexterity allows us to quickly bring new, innovative ideas to life and test them in the real world.


How we approach our work

As designers for a large company with a brand that's recognized worldwide, we face the great challenge of creating coherence across all of our experiences. That's why we created a set of principles to empower clarity and cohesion across all experiences we design. They're a starting point, meant to morph, course-correct, and drive the future of our marketplace. They drive quick decision making when data is hard to obtain.

Our experience

Original but familiar

Our experiences are original but familiar. We strive for intuitive and consistent experiences and differentiate only in places where it really matters.

Complexity removed

Our products remove the complexity of a dual-sided marketplace by simplifying interactions and guiding our users.

Smart and personalized

Our products are smart and personalized. We learn from our users about who they are and what they like, delivering a tailored experience.

Beautiful expression

Our aesthetic is a beautiful expression of our brand traits - real, spirited, smart and dependable.

One experience

Our product is one coherent experience end to end, even though it is made up of many distinct pieces across various touchpoints and devices.