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 Selling: Cycling Products  
Why Sell Cycling Parts and Accessories?

When you list your excess cycling parts & accessories on eBay, you can increase sales and liquidate inventory without having to open a new store!
Liquidate Inventory
  • A quick way to cost-effectively clear excess inventory
  • Over 5,000 cycling items are sold daily through eBay
  • A new channel to take advantage of closeout opportunities
    Acquire New Customers
  • eBay brings you 147 million potential new customers
  • Reach over 200,000 registered cycling buyers
    Accelerate Cash Flow
  • Buy in volume, which only the largest dealers enjoy
  • Most listings on eBay are completed in 7 days or less
  • Solves seasonal cash flow dips
    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I am brand new to eBay. Is there a general overview of how to register, how to sell, and how to buy?
    A step by step overview of registering, buying and selling on eBay can be found here.
    2. How much does it cost to list on eBay?
    eBay fees are a combination of a listing fee and a final value (or success) fee. Click here for an overview of the charges for listing an item on eBay.
    3. Are all cycling sales on eBay 'auctions'?
    No. Almost 35% of eBay sales are in a fixed-price format, similar to retail. When listing an item(s) on eBay, you can select whether you want to offer your product at a fixed-price or whether you would like to have buyers compete for the item and let the highest bid determine the final sales price. For more information on selling formats available on eBay, click here.
    4. How do I collect payment from buyers on eBay?
    Sellers on eBay can determine their own conditions of sale and conduct their transactions on the site according to them, including payment. It's up to you whether you take PayPal, checks, money orders, credit cards, etc. It is important, however, to include details on your accepted payment methods in each listing you post onto eBay so that buyers can make an informed purchase decision.
    5. What kind of cycling products sell best on eBay?
    With over 5,500 cycling items selling daily, there is a wide variety of items that sell. Not surprisingly, new products with a recognizable brand name tend to do very well. As a rule of thumb, a good product, photographed well, listed by a seller with positive feedback, and offered with an attractive opening price, will always do well. Remember that buyers visit eBay daily looking for good deals. Price accordingly.
    The following are some of the most popular cycling products selling on eBay:
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