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Synchrony Bank eBay Mastercard® Rewards Program

Subject to the terms set forth below, you are eligible to receive reward points ("Reward Points") on purchases made with the eBay Mastercard account (your "Account"). By participating in the eBay Mastercard Rewards Program (the "Rewards Program"), you hereby agree to be bound by these terms. You must have an eBay user account prior to opening an Account; please go to for more information.

  1. Qualifying for Rewards.

    The Rewards Program is automatically available for your Account, if (i) your Account is open, in good standing and not past due at the time Reward Points are earned and (ii) your eBay user account which you used to apply for the eBay Mastercard is open and is also linked to your Account. Reward Points are earned by making purchases using your Account where the cards are accepted. Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, interest charges and fees do not qualify for Reward Points. Returns and adjustments made to your Account will result in a reduction/adjustment of your Reward Points balance.

  2. Earning Reward Points.

    For every dollar in net purchases (merchandise purchased minus returns and adjustments) charged to your Account, you will earn Reward Points in one of the categories listed below. A single purchase cannot earn Reward Points in more than one category (i.e., a grocery store purchase made at an eBay merchant that sells groceries does not earn both 2 Reward Points (for a grocery store purchase) and 3 Reward Points (or, in certain circumstances described below, 5 Reward Points, for a purchase on eBay) on the same transaction).

    • eBay Purchases: 3 Reward Points on the first $1,000.00 of net purchases made on eBay that post to your Account in each calendar year (January 1 – December 31) or 5 Reward Points on net purchases made on eBay that exceed $1,000.00 and post to your Account in the remainder of such calendar year. At the beginning of each such calendar year, or if your net purchases exceed but then fall below $1,000.00 due to returns and adjustments made to your Account, the Reward Points that will be earned on eBay purchases is reset to 3 Reward Points until the $1,000.00 net purchase threshold is met in that calendar year. Purchases made on eBay from international merchants and purchases that are not made in U.S. dollars will earn 1 Reward Point and will not count toward the $1,000.00 purchase threshold.

    • Gas, Grocery Stores and Restaurant Purchases: 2 Reward Points on net purchases made at merchant locations that have merchant category codes selected by Synchrony Bank ("Bank") that are customarily used for gas stations, grocery stores or restaurants (a "Qualifying Merchant Category Code"). A merchant category code is a four-digit classification code as defined by Mastercard International Incorporated that is assigned to a merchant by the merchant's payment card network or merchant processor based on the predominant business activity of the merchant. The merchant’s classification code will determine if your purchase qualifies for the 2 Reward Points or 1 Reward Points level as described below. A purchase made within the department or section of a larger merchant that is not a stand-alone gas station, grocery store or restaurant may not have a Qualifying Merchant Category Code. Neither Bank nor eBay assigns or has responsibility for the assignment of merchant category codes or evaluates whether a Qualifying Merchant Category Code should be assigned to a particular merchant. Bank reserves the right to determine which merchant category codes are Qualifying Merchant Category Codes.

    • Other Purchases: 1 Reward Point on all other purchases made wherever the eBay Mastercard is accepted.

  3. Reward Points: Eligibility and Conditions.

    The amount of Reward Points earned is calculated each day based on the total net purchases for that day for each transaction within each category referenced above, rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Reward Points will be posted to your Reward Points balance as pending points but will not be credited to your Reward Points balance until (i) you have earned 1,500 Reward Points and (ii) up to two billing cycles after the corresponding purchase is posted to your Account has passed. You may only redeem your Reward Points for purchases and any related taxes and shipping fees on To redeem, you must earn 1,500 Reward Points. Every 1,500 Reward Points earned will equate to $10.00 which may be applied to such purchases during checkout on Partial redemptions in amounts less than $10.00 are permitted. In the event you make an eligible return, allow up to two billing cycles for the value of Reward Points redeemed to be credited back to your Account. Reward Points will expire in 24 months if they have not been redeemed for eligible purchases within 24 months.

  4. Loss of Reward Points.

    You will forfeit all Reward Points in the circumstances set forth below. Reward Points that are forfeited during the time of any delinquency or inactivity as described below will not be credited to your Account even if it returns to good standing or becomes active.

    • (i) If two or more consecutive minimum payments on your Account are not paid when due.

    • (ii) If your Account is closed for any reason (other than as a result of a lost or stolen card, in which case, all earned Reward Points will be applied to the replacement card).

    • (iii) If you do not make a purchase using your Account in any 12 consecutive months.

    • (iv) If your eBay user account is closed for any reason.

  5. Other Conditions.

    You acknowledge that the Reward Points issued are purely promotional and are provided without the payment of any consideration or other thing of value. Unless and until you receive Reward Points in accordance with these terms, no right, title, or interest in the Reward Points has been earned. We reserve the right to remove any person from the Rewards Program in the event of any fraud or abuse in connection with this Rewards Program. We reserve the right to change or terminate this Rewards Program at any time and in any manner without notice (including the right to expire or eliminate any earned Reward Points, adjust the number of Reward Points earned or which may be converted to each dollar that may be applied to eligible purchases, adjust the number of Reward Points required to pay for eligible purchases, adjust any requirements that permit or prohibit Reward Points from being used for eligible purchases on eBay, or adjust what constitutes an eligible purchase for purposes of applying Reward Points). No Reward Points will be issued after termination of the Rewards Program.

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