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The Community Hall of Fame Award was first established in 2002 at our first eBay Live! event to celebrate and honor members of our Community who demonstrate a strong commitment to the eBay Community and exemplify the eBay values, which are:

  • We believe people are basically good
  • We believe everyone has something to contribute
  • We believe that an honest, open trading environment can bring out the best in people
  • We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual
  • We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated
Determining the recipients of the award is no easy task. Nominations are solicited from eBay's Community Development Team plus many other teams within eBay, as well as from previous award winners. To read more about the Community Hall of Fame Award criterion, click here.

Every year, the eBay Foundation honors each of the Community Hall of Fame winners by making a charitable grant to a non-profit organization that each winner chooses.

2008 Community Hall of Fame Award recipients:


shoemetro is comprised of David and Will, a two-man team that's been selling on eBay since 2003 (although only David could be there to accept the award). Having started humbly by selling a few small electronics, today they are a major seller of shoes and have accumulated over 258,000 feedback comments. Despite their growing business, they still find time to participate in the Community. "We frequent the eBay boards, are involved in a few groups, and read newsletters. These give us the most value for our time and keep us updated on the eBay community."

Like many eBay sellers, giving back is important to shoemetro. They began using eBay Giving Works two years ago. Since then, they have participated in all 19 Spotlight on a Cause campaigns in that timeframe, listing over 3.400 items with a charitable component. "We find it a win/win/win for us, the charity, and the buyer. We have been fortunate as eBay sellers and appreciate the fact that we can use the same vehicle that brought us our success to give back to others in need."

They've chosen the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to receive a grant from the eBay Foundation in their honor.

Back in 1997, talk of great sales from some of eBay's earliest sellers at an Illinois swap meet turned danna on to eBay. Over the last decade, she's made eBay her full-time career. A self-described "eBay groupie," she's not only a PowerSeller, but she's dedicated herself to teaching others how to be successful on eBay as well. As an author, she's written several eBay how-to books. She's also an active Trading Assistant and Education Specialist.

"I enjoy helping other members be the best they can be, and sharing my experiences with them. I find it extremely rewarding to watch people I help grow their eBay careers."

danna's generosity extends into her tireless work as an advocate for eBay Giving Works, the program that facilitates compassionate commerce on eBay. "eBay Giving works is where my heart is! As an Education Specialist I include it into all my classes automatically."

danna has selected Hospice of Marion County in Florida to receive her grant from the eBay Foundation.

kathiesklown1970 has established herself as one of the most helpful contributors to eBay's Answer Center and PayPal discussion forum. "When I started buying and selling I didn't know a lot about the site, and I was helped in the Answer Center by some great members. I wanted to give back to the Community once I had the knowledge myself. Plus, I learn something new every time I help out in the Community."

With her unflappable community spirit, kathiesklown1970 will stop at nothing to help someone who needs it - even language barriers don't get in her way. In just one of many examples of how she helps her fellow members, she's been known to use translators to help people who speak other languages with their PayPal-related questions.

kathiesklown1970 has chosen to donate her grant to the American Heart Association in honor of a friend who lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack.

Known affectionately as "Uncle Joe," unclejoeadamson has been described as "the consummate Community member." Forced to leave the workforce due to a medical condition, he was looking for an activity that would keep him "from going bonkers." eBay gave him a new way to build his business and connect with others. "The ability to use eBay anytime, anywhere has allowed me to enjoy a connection to the world I wouldn't otherwise have."

Uncle Joe has used eBay to help countless others find success on the site. "When I was getting started on eBay, there were friendly people willing to extend a helping hand to me. It's my pleasure now to return that kindness to my friends and neighbors in the eBay Community." He's a PowerSeller, an Education Specialist, and a Trading Assistant. He also runs a variety of eBay Groups, in which he offers help and advice to others so they can make the most of their eBay experience. As he puts it, the best part of eBay has been "hands down, the ability to contribute to the fun and success of others."

Uncle Joe has selected Skyline Urban Ministry to receive his eBay Foundation grant.

After discovering eBay in 1999, snowdealsnow was inspired by the potential. "After filling up my truck with yard sale finds on weekends, I would borrow a friend's digital camera to list the stuff on eBay during the week." Soon after, he quit his day job. "I love being self employed and selling on eBay has allowed me to grow a successful online business while working flexible hours."

snowdealsnow has been a shining example of how to use eBay Giving Works to raise money for a cause he cares passionately about - ending cruelty to farm animals and promoting awareness of ethical food choices. "Best of all, I am able to donate 10% of all sales to Farm Sanctuary. I get a feeling of satisfaction knowing I am helping make the world a better place for farm animals and other creatures." He was given a Golden Ribbon award in 2007 by the eBay Giving Works team for being the top Community seller based on funds raised through the program.

Farm Sanctuary will also receive the eBay Foundation grant given in honor of snowdealsnow's Community Hall of Fame award.
Past Hall of Fame Winners:
Hall of Fame Award Nominee Requirements:

  • Must be active participant in the eBay Community for a minimum of two years.
  • Must have made outstanding positive contributions to the eBay Community.
  • Must have made these contributions through active participation in community activity (in addition to buying and selling).
  • Must have continued this level of contribution for more than two years.
  • Must have consistently endeavored to follow the eBay User Agreement and eBay Policies.
When looking for eligible winners, eBay looks for eBay members who exhibit the eBay Values and make substantial contributions to the eBay Community. These contributions range from helpful About Me pages, answering questions on eBay's Discussion boards and Answer Center, participating in various eBay Input programs, serving as a Mentor or Volunteer, or finally, leading one of eBay's various Groups.