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The New SafeHarbor - Rules and Safety

We're making changes to the current SafeHarbor pages. With the growth of eBay and the addition of new services and policies, updating SafeHarbor is long overdue. We think these changes will make finding help and information easier for all users.

Users typically look for SafeHarbor when they need help so we're moving all of the relevant SafeHarbor information into the Help area. Information will be arranged in a new Help section called 'Rules and Safety', which replaces the current 'community standards' section. Users will still be able to find links to this area at the bottom of every page.

Here's a preview of the new 'Rules and Safety' index page.
From this page users will have access to any eBay policy, services for your protection, and the departments that specialize in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience at eBay.

We've also updated the information on the Fraud Prevention and Insurance page and our Investigations page. These pages help users understand what they can do if they encounter specific problems.

We will hopefully make these changes by the middle of March. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email with "Rules & Safety" in the subject heading.