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May 2006 Volume 5, Issue 6
May 2006
knetgolf: Finding the Right Niche on eBay · PayPal Mobile – a New Way to Pay · Going to eBay Live! · eBay In Person: Brian Burke · Marketplace Safety: Creating a Resolution Plan to Handle Disputes Without Distractions · The Selling Edge: All Aboard for eBay Express · Ask Griff: Having a Positive Attitude About Feedback · Member Spotlight: islandmele
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April 2006 Volume 5, Issue 5
April 2006
An Independent Tax Specialist's Advice for eBay Sellers · The Next Generation SYI – A Story of Collaborative Design · Signs of the Times - A Glimpse Into Creative Signature Files on the Boards · eBay In Person: Rachel Makool · Marketplace Safety: Enhancements to Buyer Requirements Help Sellers Evaluate Their Unpaid Item Risk Exposure · The Selling Edge: Get Up to Speed on Recent eBay Stores Enhancements · Ask Griff: SYI's Built In HTML Editor Doesn't Work With My Mac. What Can I Do? · Member Spotlight: corgidusty
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March 2006 Volume 5, Issue 4
March 2006
ACEOs – A Flourishing Art Form Born on eBay · Building Transparency in Shipping - a Promise Fulfilled · Everything You Wanted to Know About eBay Workshops · eBay In Person: Susan Kim · Marketplace Safety: eBay’s Security & Resolution Center – What is it? Where is it? And why do I need to know about it? · The Selling Edge: Continue your Holiday Sales Momentum into the New Year!! · Ask Griff: Appealing a Listing Ended Under VeRO · Member Spotlight: kites4all
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February 2006 Volume 5, Issue 3
February 2006
Spirited Recovery – A Story of Reinvention on eBay · Using Reviews & Guides to Share Expertise and Build Credibility · RSS Technology Brings eBay To Your Desktop · eBay In Person: Arlene Brenner · Marketplace Safety: Fake Second Chance Offers and How to Spot Them · The Selling Edge: Increasing Visibility for your eBay Store and Store Inventory · Ask Griff: Automate Your Invoices · Member Spotlight: stephintexas
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January 2006 Volume 5, Issue 2
January 2006
Recycling Electronic Waste – eBay’s Rethink Initiative One Year Later · Whatever “it” is, you can get it on eBay · A U.S. Postal Worker Shares Her "Great eBay Adventure" · eBay In Person: Michael Rudolph · Marketplace Safety: eBay’s Security & Resolution Center – What is it? Where is it? And why do I need to know about it? · The Selling Edge: Continue your Holiday Sales Momentum into the New Year!! · Ask Griff: Appealing a Listing Ended Under VeRO · Member Spotlight: kites4all
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December 2005 Volume 5, Issue 1
December 2005
Member Speaks Volumes about Home Makeovers on eBay · The Journey of a Product on eBay – Part II · Access eBay From Your TV or Cell Phone · eBay In Person: Kristin Smock · Marketplace Safety: Wisdom From eBay's Answer Center · The Selling Edge: Tools for Turning First-Time Holiday Shoppers into Repeat Customers · Ask Griff: Adding International Buyers to your Buyer Block Exemption List · Member Spotlight: soko*antiques
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November 2005 Volume 4, Issue 12
Colin Rule
eBay Sellers Make their Voice Heard in Washington, D.C. · The Journey of a Product on eBay – from Idea to Rollout · eBay Employees' Hurricane Relief Tour · eBay In Person: Vikram Subramaniam · Marketplace Safety: The Community Talks Back · The Selling Edge: Quick Wins To Increase Your Holiday Sales · Ask Griff: Buyer Protection Options · Member Spotlight: kindra617
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October 2005 Volume 4, Issue 11
An Outpouring of Help and Hope for Katrina Victims · Preparing for the Holiday Sales Season · it-girls Builds a Local eBay Community · eBay In Person: Kevin Cantoni · Marketplace Safety: How to Know When You Have a Transaction Problem · The Selling Edge: Sellers Create Doors2Stores - A Buyer Education Campaign About Shopping eBay Stores · Ask Griff: How do I go about donating proceeds to Hurricane Katrina relive? · Member Spotlight: golfloft
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September 2005 Volume 4, Issue 10
Pierre Omidyar
Members and Staff Reflect on eBay's 10th Anniversary · Step Back in Time with Pierre Omidyar & Jeff Skoll · Community Codebase Helps Developers Create & Collaborate · eBay In Person: Leigh Goldstein · Marketplace Safety: Chargebacks: What They Are, How to Avoid Them, and What To Do If You Get One · The Selling Edge: Selling to Canada – the First Step to International Selling · Ask Griff: Was That Really Your Maximum Bid? · Member Spotlight: playerlots4u
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August 2005 Volume 4, Issue 9
Business & Industrial Category Helps Small Businesses Tap Into New Markets · The Story of My Messages – From Vision to Implementation · Matt Halprin Explains Upcoming Policy Improvements · eBay In Person: Susan Phillips · Marketplace Safety: Using the Telephone to Solve Transaction Problems · The Selling Edge: What You Need to Know About ProStores · Ask Griff: Talking to Your Seller on the Phone · Member Spotlight: mommy2liz
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July 2005 Volume 4, Issue 8
How eBay's Fraud Investigations Takes on the Bad Guys · glenda and bobmill-50,000 Answers & Counting · Meet This Year's Community Hall of Fame Award Winners · Matt Halprin Explains Upcoming Policy Improvements · Marketplace Safety: eBay's Feedback System – Always Evolving to Meet the Needs of the Community · The Selling Edge: The Seven Steps to Salability: Growing your eBay Sales · Ask Griff: Should Newbie Buyers Have Restrictions on Leaving Feedback? · Member Spotlight: armiger
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June 2005 Volume 4, Issue 7
A Noble Spirit's Amazing Journey on eBay · eBay Motors: A Look in the Rearview Mirror · Make the Most of eBay Live! 2005 · eBay In Person: Chris Tsakalakis · Marketplace Safety: How to Resolve Transaction Problems · The Selling Edge: Tools to Make Managing Your eBay Store Easier · Ask Griff: Getting Ready for eBay Live! · Member Spotlight: lunasjewels
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May 2005 Volume 4, Issue 6
Bill Cobb
eBay In Person: President Bill Cobb · Do You Know the Way to San Jose? · A Seller's View from Hawaii · When You With Upon a Star... · eBay In Person: Bill Cobb · Marketplace Safety: How to Prevent Having Your Password Stolen · The Selling Edge: Basics of an Effective eBay Listing · Ask Griff: Reaching International Buyers · Member Spotlight: osiana5
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April 2005 Volume 4, Issue 5
Dave Steer
eBay Day at the Post Office Shines the Spotlight on Shipping · eBay Fights State Internet Auctioneering Regulation · A Well-Written TOS Reassures Buyers · eBay In Person: Andrew Lee · Marketplace Safety: Your Questions Answered – Letters to Marketplace Safety · Access: Your About Me Page Tells the World About Yourself · Inside eBay Stores: Building Buyer Loyalty by Using eBay Store Features · Ask Griff: Listing Items More Efficiently · Member Spotlight: abprules
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March 2005 Volume 4, Issue 4
Finding Connections How Friendships Form on eBay · Creating the Next Generation SYI · Military Families Find Support on eBay · eBay In Person: Leslie Drate · Marketplace Safety: How eBay Works With Law Enforcement Around the World to Fight Crime · Access: Building a Successful eBay Group · Inside eBay Stores: The Case for eBay Stores · Ask Griff: Learning to the Basics of Shipping · Member Spotlight:
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February 2005 Volume 4, Issue 3
Inside eBay Stores
Visits Program Helps eBay Learn About Our Members · Want It Now – Lets Sellers Know What Buyers Want · eBay Veteran Reflects on Then & Now · eBay In Person: Jeff Taylor · Marketplace Safety: Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft – Online and Offline · Access: You Know You're an eBay Seller When... · Inside eBay Stores: Increasing Your eBay Store's Visibility in Online Search Engines · Ask Griff: Learning to Sell – The First Few Steps · Member Spotlight: bracelets_of_love
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January 2005 Volume 4, Issue 3
eBay In Person: Deborah Liu
Meet the Finalists of the eBay Dream Room Contest · New Toolbar Features Aid Sellers as Well as Buyers · Member Stories About The Power of All of Us · eBay In Person: Deborah Liu · Marketplace Safety: Item Not Received – the Next Step in Online Issue Resolution · Access: Keys to Effective Email Communication · Inside eBay Stores: How to Make 2005 Your Most Successful Selling Year Yet · Ask Griff: Items Listed on International eBay Sites · Member Spotlight: friendly_ auction_services
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December 2004 Volume 4, Issue 2
Education Specialists
The Power Of All Of Us Campaign · A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Sales Reports · Antique Seller Creates a New Life on eBay · eBay In Person: Anna Baum · Marketplace Safety: 2004 - Year in Review · Access: Participating in Community Forums with an Established User ID · Inside eBay Stores: Marketing Your eBay Store to Repeat Buyers · Digital Photography: Getting the Right Light · Ask Griff: Education Specialist Program · Member Spotlight: plans2911
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November 2004 Volume 4, Issue 1
Education Specialists
Education Specialists Teach People the eBay Way · eBay's International Selling Toolkit · The Power of Mentoring Others · eBay In Person: Michael Morgan · Marketplace Safety: The Value of Having a Return Policy · Access: Invisible Threads that Bring Us Together · Inside eBay Stores: Build and Promote Your Own Brand by Customizing Your eBay Store · Ask Griff: "Good 'Til Cancelled" Items on eBay · Member Spotlight: contact_prints
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October 2004 Volume 3, Issue 12
Restoring Antique Reed Organs
From Shoes to Software and Beyond – Enterprise Blossoms on eBay · Members Reach New Heights With CPs · A Member's Tips For Spooktacular Parties · eBay In Person: Brian Sweeney · Marketplace Safety: The eBay "Trading Sense" Quiz · Access: Member Strategies For Increasing Holiday Sales · Inside eBay Stores: eBay Stores – The Basics · Ask Griff: Understanding Tax Liability · Member Spotlight: vintagearmoire
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September 2004 Volume 3, Issue 11
Restoring Antique Reed Organs
Restoring Antique Reed Organs – A Lifelong Passion, Fulfilled on eBay · Product Strategy: Making eBay Easier and More Intuitive · One member's "Voice" Heard in San Jose · eBay In Person: Judy Kirkpatrick · Marketplace Safety: A Discussion with eBay's Dispute Resolution Expert-In-Chief· Access: Making The Most Of Your About Me Page· Ask Griff: Getting Started Selling On eBay · Member Spotlight: sammy_matt
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August 2004 Volume 3, Issue 10
'Crazy for Collectin' Contest
eBay's 'Crazy for Collecting' Contest Winners · Inside The eBay Solutions Directory · Camp eBay Brings eBay To The People · eBay In Person: Randy Ching · Marketplace Safety: A Guide of What Not To Do To Build Trust · Access: Keeping Cool When Discussion Gets Hot · Ask Griff: Viewing Negative Feedback In Context · Member Spotlight: geo825
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July 2004 Volume 3, Issue 9
Community Hall Of Fame
Community Hall of Fame Inductees · Inside My eBay 2.0 · Boosting Business With The Developers Program · eBay In Person: Jackie Nelson · Marketplace Safety: What To Look For In Trusting Your Seller· Access: Introducing eBay's Mentoring Program · Photography for eBay: Highlights and Shadows · Ask Griff: Sorting Item Results by Price· Member Spotlight: marylanderson
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June 2004 Volume 3, Issue 8
FastForward FastBack
eBay Motors - FastForward FastBack · "US of eBay" · Herend Porcelain · eBay In Person: Abby Green · Marketplace Safety: Looking Back At Past eBay Live! Events · Access: Looking Back At Past eBay Live! Events · Photography for eBay: Using Backgrounds Effectively · Ask Griff: Paying With PayPal's Send Money Tab · Member Spotlight: mylittlejellybean
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May 2004Volume 3, Issue 7
A Wedding Story
A Match Made on eBay - A Wedding Story · Running a Broker Business · eBay Live! - A Good Business Investment · eBay In Person: Tom Walter · Marketplace Safety: The Importance of Feedback · Access: How to Have FUN at eBay Live! · Photography for eBay: Creating Focused Pictures · Ask Griff: Changing User IDs & Passwords · Member Spotlight: bobwittig
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April 2004Volume 3, Issue 6
The Amazing Adventures of Rover
The Amazing Adventures of Rover · The eBay Live!-"Ladies Dinner Group" · Business Stays Competitive With eBay · Marketplace Safety: Account Guard and Common Sense · Access: Your Browser Viewing Preferences · Photography for eBay: All About Tripods · Ask Griff: How long should I wait before re-listing an item? · Member Spotlight: north-country-crafts
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March 2004Volume 3, Issue 5
From Ribbons to Rings
From Ribbons to Rings, Bride-to-Be Plans Her Wedding on eBay · eBay Helps Restaurateur "Dream Big" and "Save Big" · Helping Himself by Helping Others · The World of Disney Auctions Pins and Pin Trading · Access: Members Offer Hints for Identifying Collectibles · eBay and You: Are You Going To eBay Live! 2004? · Photography for eBay: Depth Of Field · Ask Griff: Saving Searches for Harder-To-Find Items · Member Spotlight: candances
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February 2004Volume 3, Issue 4
Ultimate School Fundraiser
The Ultimate School Fundraiser · How I Use eBay · eBay on the Air · Access: Successful Packing Techniques · eBay and You: The Importance of Feedback · Photography for eBay: Using Models for your Pictures · Ask Griff: Drive More Traffic To Your Listings · Member Spotlight: sunnyonekam
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January 2004Volume 3, Issue 3
PowerChicks Flourish with Help from eBay Groups · Why I Love Seller's Assistant Pro · The Making of Fenton Art Glass · eBay In Person: Chris Porter · Access: New Year's Resolutions To Make Your eBay Business Grow · eBay and You: 'Recycling' on eBay After the Holidays · Photography for eBay: Photographing People · Griff's Corner: Dealing with Returns · Member Spotlight: designerlabelclothing
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December 2003Volume 3, Issue 2
eBay Giving Works
eBay Behind The Scenes: eBay Giving Works · Members "fly-in" to Talk about Taxes · Precious Moments · eBay In Person: Darla Godwin · Access: Best Reasons to Shop eBay for the Holidays · eBay and You: eBay Holiday Primer · Photography for eBay: Using a Light Tent · Griff's Corner: Who Can See Contact Info? · Member Spotlight: dottie
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November 2003Volume 3, Issue 1
Pieces of History Sold on eBay
Pieces of History Sold on eBay · M.I. Hummel: A Collectible Since 1935 · eBay In Person: Jim Weber · Access: eBay Staff Share What They Are Thankful For This Year · eBay and You: How to start your own eBay Group · Photography for eBay: Using a slave flash unit · Griff's Corner: Determining an item's worth · Member Spotlight: andyinfla
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October 2003Volume 2, Issue 11
Seller Helps Unite Collectors and Artisans Around the World
Seller Helps Unite Collectors and Artisans Around the World · eBay's Town Square Has Halloween Spirit · A Bidder Sees Ebay Through A Child's Eyes · Member Q&A From Ebay Live! in Orlando · Access: New Services Category Inspires eBay Members · eBay and You: Introducing eBay Groups-A New Way to Connect With Other eBay Members · Photography for eBay: Controlling Reflections with a Filter · Griff's Corner: Active X Download? · Member Spotlight: welcomesite
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September 2003Volume 2, Issue 10
Overcoming Obstacles to Help Others
Overcoming Obstacles to Help Others · eBay-The "Big City" at your Fingertips · eBay Live! Community Hall of Fame Award Winners · eBay In Person: Anton von Rueden · Access: Members Get Tips for Improving Listings · eBay and You: A Tour Through The eBay Community Area · Photography for eBay: Portrait Techniques for Auction Pictures · Griff's Corner: Emails Requesting Personal Information · Member Spotlight: charlottesweb123 · Marketplace Safety: What to Do about Spoof (Fake) Email · Jerry's Tips: HTML Instructions for Stores Linking Strategies
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August 2003Volume 2, Issue 9
25 Years of Radio History
25 Years of Radio History · "Do it eBay" On Vacation! · eBay Foundation Lends a Helping Hand · eBay In Person: Lynn Reedy · Access: About Me Pages -- Tips, Tricks and Benefits · eBay and You: A Seller's Guide to Handling Non-Paying Bidders · Photography for eBay: Strategies for Photographing Large Items · Griff's Corner: Viewing Past Selling Activity · Member Spotlight: newandusedharleyparts · eBay World
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July 2003Volume 2, Issue 8
Collecting American Stoneware
Collecting American Stoneware · More than a Button… · Who Rules The eBay Sporting World? · eBay In Person: Business & Industrial's Jordan Glazier · Access: Customizing Your Browser · eBay and You: Live Help! You asked for it..Now you've got it! · Photography for eBay: Photographing Larger Items · Griff's Corner: I'm Not Receiving Bid Notifications · Member Spotlight: marymcbutter
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June 2003Volume 2, Issue 7
A Father's Day Present
A Father's Day Present · eBay Live! Welcomes The Differently 'Abled' · Tupperware--An American Icon...A Hot Collectible · Access: Help with the User Agreement · eBay and You: What To Bring To eBay Live! 2003 · Photography for eBay: Fine-Tuning Your Lighting · Griff's Corner: Can I Change My About Me Page? · Member Spotlight: fairygreetings · Jerry's Tips: Economies of Scale on eBay
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April/May 2003Volume 2, Issue 6
Expression Through The Art of Quilting
Expression Through The Art of Quilting · eBay Live!: No-Nonsense Magic · eBay's Global "Village" Responds After Shuttle Tragedy · The Q&A Chat Board Auctions "Scrapbook" For Charity · Access: Best eBay Experiences · eBay and You: Spam: It's Not Just Tinned Meat · Photography for eBay: Assembling Your Photography Space · Griff's Corner: When Shipping & Handling Not Specified · Member Spotlight: · Inside eBay: eBay's "Voices" program…
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March 2003Volume 2, Issue 5
eBayer was RUNNING AWAY and then got KIDNAPPED!
eBayer was RUNNING AWAY and then got KIDNAPPED! · Collecting Antique Fishing Tackle · eBay's Valentine Chat: A Community Holiday Tradition Lives On · eBay Live! 2002… A look back · Access: New to eBay? · eBay and You: I Can't Find What I'm Looking For! · Photography for eBay: Clear Backgrounds and Foregrounds · Griff's Corner: Chat Board Bullies · Member Spotlight: collectorguy1 · Jerry's Tips: Wholesale Lots and Buying For Resale On eBay
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February 2003Volume 2, Issue 4
The Spirit of eBay's Community: the eBay Café Quilt
The Spirit of eBay's Community: the eBay Café Quilt · Enamel Buttons - Will You Be Mine? · The Clipper Beer Can Story · eBay Bookkeeping Tools · Access: Feedback Hints · eBay and You: Give Selling a Try · Photography for eBay: Basic Equipment II · Griff's Corner: PayPal Credit Card Logo · Member Spotlight: tbonegrl · eBay Staff Spotlight: In the Spotlight: Randy Wigginton
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January 2003Volume 2, Issue 3
Steaming in Germany
Steaming in Germany: A virtual ride on a model train layout · Do It eBay! · Strategies for Using Second Chance Offer · Access: Tips from Successful eBay Sellers · eBay and You: Welcome the New Year · Photography for eBay: Basic Equipment · Griff's Corner: Reserve Not Met? · eBay World: eBay Down Under · Member Spotlight: kitsune · eBay Staff Spotlight: In the Spotlight: Janet "Sonny" Wagner
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December 2002Volume 2, Issue 2
A Holiday Story
A Holiday Story…the eBay Way! · Collecting Glass Ornaments · eBay Stores Linking Strategies · Access: Celebrate the Season · eBay and You: Tips for Surviving the Holidays on eBay · Photography for eBay: Lighting Your Items · Griff's Corner: Avoiding Spoof Sites and Emails · eBay World: … Everywhere! · Member Spotlight: wanderwonder · eBay Staff Spotlight: In the Spotlight: Michael Dearing
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November 2002Volume 2, Issue 1
Biggest Munsters Fan
The Biggest Munsters Fan on eBay · The Holiday Rush – eBay Style · eBay World · Access: Holiday Shipping Advice from PowerSellers · eBay and You: Your Contact Information and eBay · Photography for eBay: Lighting Your Items · Griff's Corner: Those Pesky Customers! · Inside Categories: Introducing Hot Business Information · Member Spotlight: kdmcg · eBay Staff Spotlight: In the Spotlight: Jim Griffith
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