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Member Spotlight

Each month, the Member Spotlight will give you a chance to meet and learn more about a member of our Community. The range of interests and backgrounds will inspire you. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll find yourself in the spotlight!

The Spotlight's On:
by Ryan
eBay Staff Member



Getting rid of an old music record – for $99!
This month's spotlighted member, mvstudio*gallery (View her About Me page) started her eBay adventure in February 2001, after moving to the United States from Venezuela. A television ad about eBay motivated her to check out the site to see how it could help her. Like many others, she started by selling things that were lying unused around the house. Early on, she listed an LP record of Menudo, a Puerto Rican music group that had been popular when she was a teenager growing up in Venezuela . Both she and her husband were stunned when it sold for $99. “I remember how in shock my husband was when I sold the record—he had asked me to just get rid of it, as ‘no one would like to buy those old Venezuelan LP's.' How wrong he was!”

From that point, mvstudio*gallery, who is an artist, realized the potential of eBay as a means of reaching a worldwide market for her original paintings, prints, and glass artworks. Today she offers her original landscapes, abstracts, surrealistic paintings, floral studies, and watercolors to art collectors on eBay. Her items are mainly listed in the Self-Representing Artists category, and sometimes under Contemporary Paintings.

A worldwide landscape of art collectors
mvstudio*gallery says that selling directly to art collectors on eBay has given her more freedom to express her creativity. Before discovering eBay, her options for exhibiting and selling her work were limited—she could only sell through art galleries, which was somewhat restricting. “I didn't know where my work was going, nor did I have the chance to even send a thank you note to whoever was purchasing my art.”

Now, after selling directly to art lovers, she frequently gets emails from her customers, not only appreciating her work but also making suggestions and requests for the kind of art they would like to see from her. “The pleasure of dealing directly with my wonderful collectors and hearing from them has being the best thing that has happened to me,” she says.

Selling strategy
Adding new listings is often one of the cornerstones of her selling strategy on eBay—she tries to list at least one painting every day. “I found that having a constant flow of visitors to my auction-style and Stores listings tremendously increases the potential for good sales.”

mvstudio*gallery is also a great believer in eBay's ability to create online communities of people who share a common interest—whether it's selling, sharing expertise or collecting. She's a member of several eBay Groups where artists and art lovers come together to share their eBay experiences and discuss their passion for art. She encourages people starting out on eBay to take advantage of eBay's Community resources like the chat rooms and discussion boards. “If you're looking for answers to your questions, these are the places you should look. There's tons of valuable information from basic tips to advice for advanced selling situations, that you wouldn't find anywhere else.”

Her main advice to sellers is to be honest about their item descriptions, and to make sure that they maintain a good feedback score. She advises buyers to check eBay first before exploring other venues, especially if they're looking to purchase art. “Buyers would definitely find incredible artists on eBay—wonderful and honest sellers who would offer the same products they are looking for, and go the extra mile to make them happy.”

She's proud of her 100% positive feedback rating, considering it one of her most powerful assets to increase sales and build goodwill among her customers. “New customers look at my feedback and know they can trust me because what I sell is high quality artwork. Repeat customers are the proof of it.”

Her life has definitely been changed by eBay. “eBay means to me the freedom to offer my work to the world without the barrier and limit of a brick-and-mortar gallery, and to connect directly with my collectors and receive their feedback, praises, and wonderful advice.”

We would like to thank mvstudio*gallery for sharing her thoughts and comments with us! If you would like to be considered for the Community Spotlight Program check out our Community Profile page and follow the instructions near the bottom of that page.

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