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March 2006 Volume 5, Issue 4
eBay Chatter
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ACEOs – A Flourishing Art Form Born on eBay
Building Transparency in Shipping
Everything You Wanted to Know About Workshops
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ACEOs – A Flourishing Art Form Born on eBay

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bone*diva's concept turned into a new art form on eBay

When bone*diva started an eBay Group and invited other artists on eBay to join, little did she know it would blossom into an entirely new art movement on eBay. Today Art Card Editions & Originals (ACEOs) are increasingly popular collectibles on eBay.

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Community Corner
Sharpen your eBay skills! eBay Workshops are interactive sessions with eBay staff or member experts that combine learning and discussion on a wide variety of eBay-related topics. Visit the Workshop Calendar today, and find a topic that suits your interest and level of expertise.
Pink's Pick
Detect spoof sites, get selling alerts, and receive outbid notices all at the same time! The free eBay Toolbar is a great way to protect your eBay account from fraudulent websites. It also allows you to conveniently stay on top of your eBay business as well. Download the Toolbar today!

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Building Transparency in Shipping - a Promise Fulfilled
Click Read More To Learn About Recent Improvements to Shipping

Recent improvements to shipping are benefiting both buyers and sellers.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About eBay Workshops
Click Read More To Learn About Workshops

The Workshop program is one of the best ways to improve your eBay skills.

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eBay In Person:
Susan Kim
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Susan, from the Buyer Product Marketing team helps create features like Want It Now - and has a passion for shoes.

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