Site changes for Fashion Pages - April 2011
In April 2011, we're planning to change the way we classify inventory in several Fashion areas. This change is designed to help us more easily and accurately identify inventory and do a better job of surfacing sellers' inventory in a way that is relevant and connects it more effectively with buyers.

How the changes affect you

Specialty Sizes are moving out of the Men's & Women's Clothing category structure and into Item Specifics
The old structure created redundancies by having Big & Tall, Juniors, Plus, Petite, and Plus Size Petites in the category structure as well as in Item Specifics. It was confusing for sellers to list, and buyers were having a hard time finding the inventory which was being listed in several categories. The new structure eliminates the redundancy. Now there's one place to list—choose the category for the product you are selling (Dresses, Sweaters, etc…) and when you specify the Size Type in the Item Specifics, eBay will take care of making sure the relevant listings are surfaced when a buyer wants to search Juniors, Plus, Petites, etc.

Specialty Size Types in Item Specifics means fewer sizes to look through
Now that the specialty sizes are only available in Item Specifics, we've updated the eBay selling flow for listing a single item to only display the relevant sizes once you tell us the size type. If you choose Plus, we'll only display Plus sizes for you to choose from.

Where do I find Plus Size Petites?
In categories where it's relevant, plus sizes will now also be available within the Petite Size Type.

If you list with Multiple Variations (MSKU) you will see a full list of Sizes
Unfortunately due to technical constraints, we were not able to filter the size choices based on Size Type for listings that have multiple variations (MSKU). If you are listing with multiple variations, once you enter in the Size Type, you will still see a full list when you enter your Size values. To ensure accurate surfacing of your listing, please continue to select from the full list of size values that will continue to display specialty size values.

We will proactively move some existing listings for you
When the category changes go into effect, we'll use Item Specific values that you've already adopted to save you the hassle of manually moving your items to a more relevant category. For categories like Shoes where we are adding new subcategories, if your listing had already specified a Style value which closely matches one of the new categories, we will use that information to map the item into the new subcategory. For example, if your Style on an existing listing is Boots, we will know to move that listing into the new Boots category in Shoes. Adopting Style Item Specifics before the category changes (week of April 4th) may save you from having to manually move items.

Similarly when the category Blazers & Jackets is removed, the listings that have specified "Blazer" as the Style will be moved to Suits & Blazers, and listings that have specified "Jacket" as the Style or have not specified a Style, will be moved to Coats & Jackets.

We strongly recommend that you check your listings after the category structure updates are effective the week of April 4th. If your listing had not specified the Style value, you may need to revise your listing to move it to a category that you feel is a better fit.

Some Handbags subcategories will be moving out of CSA
Subcategories like Cell Phone Cases, Eyeglass Cases, etc. are being moved to categories where similar items reside. Eyeglass cases are more commonly listed and searched for in Health & Beauty, for example. Making these updates will help buyers to find your listings more effectively.

New categories are being added
There are a few new categories being introduced in order to be more relevant to trends and the shopping experience on other retail sites. An example of a new category is Leggings. Previously, leggings were buried deeper in the category structure and lumped into Women's Clothing > Hosiery & Socks > Tights & Leggings. We felt that Leggings needed to be a category of its own and it will now be found as a category in Women's Clothing.

Some Item Specifics are mandatory
As a general rule, Brand, Size Type, Size, Style, and Color will become mandatory starting July 20, 2011(updated from May 9th to allow seller more time to adjust inventory). However, there could be exceptions and additions in some categories. Please refer to the lookup table to see what's mandatory for the category in which you plan to list your item. Sellers are encouraged to update their item specifics before the July 20th mandate. Buyers can search by item specifics on Fashion pages now and will be able to refine searches in search results by item specifics.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please write to


To submit a suggestion to eBay regarding categories, please visit the suggestion page.