Trademark listing policy tutorial

We've put together this tutorial to help you create listings that follow the rules. In the next several pages, you'll find out:
  • When you can use a brand name in your listing without breaking eBay policies
  • When you can use a logo in your listings without breaking our rules
  • What you should do for your listing description, text, and pictures
  • What to do when the item is still under the manufacturer’s warranty or is eligible for extra services
Here's a quick overview of our policies:

Brand names
You can include a brand name in your listing as long as it's the brand of the actual product you're selling. Our policies prohibit sellers from putting other brand names in their listing just to have it show up in search results.

Logos, pictures, and text
Be sure to use your own logos, pictures, and text in your listing or, if not, make sure you have the owner's permission or the right to use someone else's content.

It's usually OK to use information from the packaging or the manufacturer's website (such as size, weight, or other item specifications) that's necessary to describe a product and simply can't be said in any other way.

Manufacturer warranties
If you sell items that come with a warranty, check the manufacturer's terms and conditions first and be sure to provide accurate and complete details in your listings. Note that in some cases, you may not be able to state that the item is under warranty unless the manufacturer has authorized you to do so.

There are 8 questions in this tutorial. Each question covers a possible scenario and has examples of what sellers can and can't put in a listing.

The whole thing should take about 15 to 20 minutes.