Stores - Frequently Asked Questions

Editing my Store

What should I put in my billboard?
Adding a billboard is optional, but it's a great way to promote your brand, your products, and time-sensitive Store events such as special offers or promotions. For example, if you're having a summer sale, use the billboard image to promote this. Or if you want to show a variety of products, you can create a collage that's a single image and place that in your billboard. You can change your billboard as often as you want.
How do I create and then add my billboard to my Store?
If you add a billboard to your Store, use an image that fits precisely in the 1200-pixel wide x 270-pixel tall space at the top of the Store page. We don't recommend that you use an image that's either bigger or smaller than the billboard space because if your image is bigger, we'll shrink it proportionally to 1200 pixels x 270 pixels so that it fits in the box, which will cause it to not display properly. If your image is smaller, we'll leave the size as is, center it in the box, and fill the area between the edges of the image and the border of the billboard with whitespace, which we also don't recommend. If you plan to include a billboard in your Store, take advantage of the full potential it offers you to promote your brand.

Also, make sure you use images and text that you created yourself, unless you get permission to use them. You can learn more in our image and text policy.
How long is my Store description?

You can enter up to 1,000 characters in your Store description. Buyers can see 160 characters, but they can expand and view the full description. Use your description to describe you business, your product theme, or Store policies.

In addition to appearing on eBay, your description may appear in popular search engines, such as Google. Use complete sentences, not standalone keywords, to explain to buyers the theme of your Store and what you sell.

I already have a logo on my existing Store. Do I need to change it?

Only if you want to. If your current Store has a custom rectangular logo, you'll notice we've squeezed your logo into the square space reserved for it in your new Store. Or, if your current Store has no logo, or uses a logo that we created, you'll notice that we've replaced it with an unbranded default square logo.

Either way, while you can certainly keep the logo we've added, we strongly recommend that you replace it with a square logo of the same dimensions on each side. We require an image that's a minimum of 150 pixels x 150 pixels. To ensure that your logo appears correctly when you share your Store on social sites such as Facebook, we recommend that you upload a 300 pixels x 300 pixels image to your Store. This layout is tablet-friendly and provides a more professional, modern look.

If you don't have a new square logo available when you first update to the new Store experience, you can always upload it later.

What happens to my custom pages and headers when I publish my new Store?
If your existing Store uses custom pages and headers, these won't appear in your new Store after you update to the Store experience. Keep in mind that your Store provides new branding options like the billboard and longer description text, so you may find that you don't need custom pages and headers. If you prefer using custom pages, headers, and promotion boxes, you can always revert back to your old Store at any time. Later, as we provide a replacement for the current custom promotion boxes, headers, and pages, you'll be able to replace your current customizations with new ones.
How do featured listings work?
Featured listings are a great way to showcase your popular inventory. The featured listings section in your Store will display listings that are ending soon, but you also have the choice of handpicking your featured listings, as well as having us automatically display newly listed items that are ending soon. That way, as your items sell, your featured listings will always display listings whether you handpick them or not.
After I publish my Store, how soon can customers start shopping?
Right away. As soon as you publish your Store, it'll be open for business and you can start selling immediately.

Managing my Store

Can I continue to use my existing Store categories?
Yes, your existing custom categories will still appear in your Store and you can continue to create and edit categories in the same way you do in your current Store.
Can buyers still subscribe to my Store newsletters?
Yes, buyers will be able to subscribe to your newsletters from your Store.
What's the relationship between my profile and my Store?
Your profile gives you a way to communicate everything about you in one place. Use it to showcase your brand, highlight your expertise, and build customer trust through buyer guides. In addition, your ratings and reviews appear on your profile, enhancing trust with potential buyers. Your profile points to your Store, where buyers can view your items and shop for the things you sell.
What if I decide later that I prefer my old Store?
You can switch back to your old Store if you want. Try out the new Store for a while and if you decide it's not for you, you can revert back to your old Store. Keep in mind that eventually we'll update all Stores to the new experience, so we recommend that you get an early start applying your unique branding to your Store and delighting your buyers now.
What if I want to change the name of my Store?
You can change your Store name as often as you want. However, after you've published your Store for the first time, any time you change the name, the URL will not change. For buyers who have bookmarked your Store, this helps them find you. It also helps your Store appear higher in search results when buyers try to find you using search engines such as Google.