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Once you print your shipping label and attach it to the package, both you and your buyer can easily monitor the status of the package.

Through My eBay, you can track the delivery status for USPS packages, and tracking information from initial scan to final delivery for UPS packages.

Benefits of tracking your package
Build buyer confidence. Stating in your listing that you provide tracking or delivery confirmation attracts more buyers and shows you're a serious seller.

Fewer buyer emails. You'll receive fewer emails from buyers asking about the status of their shipments.

Peace of mind. You can verify the delivery of an item easily with official documentation and avoid problems later.

Generate repeat business. Buyers who can track their package are more likely to buy from you again.

How to Track or Confirm the delivery of a package
Once you've printed the label, an email is automatically sent to you and your buyer. The email will contain a link to check the status of the package. In addition, you can check the status from My eBay:

From My eBay:
1. Go to the Items I've Sold view of My eBay and click the "View Shipment Status" link for the item.

2. In the Shipping section, look for the "Shipping Status" field. Click on the accompanying link for details.

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