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Item Specific Changes

Changes to Item Specifics

Item specifics are details about the item you are selling, such as brand, size type, size, color, and style. These details appear at the top of your listing description, in a consistent format, making it easy for buyers to get the facts about your item.

Advantages to including item specifics

When you create your listing, we suggest item specifics based on the category in which you're selling your item. By providing the recommended item specifics, you make it easier for buyers to find your listing and make an informed purchase.

  • Item specifics tell buyers about your item.
    Item specifics are shown at the top of your description, telling buyers exactly what you're selling. They make the basic facts about your item clear and accessible, helping buyers make a purchase decision.
  • Item specifics help buyers find your item.
    The item specifics that you select can make your listing more relevant to a buyer's search.

The Refine search column, located on the left side of the search results page, lets buyers further narrow their search based on popular item specifics.

Tips for selecting item specifics

When selecting item specifics, keep these tips in mind.

  • Provide as many recommended item specifics as possible.
  • When selecting item specifics (such as your item's color, size, or style), try to choose from the options we provide.
    For example, if your item's color is mostly red, choose "Reds" as the color and select from one of the recommended values for Shade, rather than providing a custom color.