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Changes to Item Specifics
Item Specifics allow you, the seller, to highlight important details about your item. Item Specifics are displayed within your listing's description, giving buyers information they want in an easy-to-scan format.

Adopting the Item Specifics feature also helps your listing to be found. For example, if Item Specifics are not used to specify an item's condition (such as New), that item will not be displayed to buyers who narrow their search to show only new items. Using Item Specifics is free and optional, but highly recommended. On average, adding Item Specifics results in an increase in bids per listing and an increase in sales per listing.

Your listing's category will offer either eBay-defined or Custom Item Specifics:

In categories with the newer Custom Item Specifics you can create your own item details, or use recommendations based on terms that have been successful for similar items in the past.

In categories with the original eBay-defined Item Specifics you're provided with a fixed set of item details to choose from. eBay Item Specifics will transition to Custom Item Specifics in the future.

If you use a 3rd party listing service (e.g., Vendio and ChannelAdvisor, etc.), please contact them regarding implementation of changes.

Changes to eBay Item Specifics
Cell Phones & PDAs > Cell Phones & Smartphones Replacing Camera range values with discrete megapixel values and Cellular Band free-text type-in with value choices. Updating Carrier and Features and making minor renames in Style and Brand. Early Sept.
Business & Industrial> Manufacturing & Metalworking> Welding> Welders Converting Item Specifics to Custom Item Specifics. Mid Oct.
Coins & Paper Money > Coins: US Adding Mint locations.
Converting Item Specifics to Custom Item Specifics
Early Sept.
Mid Oct.
Computers & Networking > Apple Desktops Updating Processor Type and Primary Drive. Early Sept.
Computers & Networking > Apple Laptops & Notebooks Updating Processor Type. Early Sept.
Electronics > Car Electronics > Car Audio In-Dash Units Updating Brand and Unit Size. Renaming Power to Channels, removing 'Pre-Amp (no power)' and adjusting the name format of the remaining values. Early Sept.
eBay Motors: Parts & Accessories > Car Electronics All current eBay Item Specifics (Manufacturer Part Number, Placement on Vehicle, Surface Finish and Warranty) are being removed in Amplifiers, Audio In-Dash Units, Car Video, CD Changers, GPS Systems, Radar & Laser Detectors, and Speakers & Speaker Systems Mid Sept.
eBay Motors Minor adjustments in eBay Items Specifics to align with product information for ATVs, Commercial Trucks, Motorcycles, Powerboats & Motorboats, Fishing Boats, RVs & Campers, Sailboats, Snowmobiles Early Sept.
Electronics > Home Audio > Speakers & Subwoofers Updating Type values. Early Sept.
Electronics > DVD & Home Theater > DVD Players & Recorders; Home Theater Systems Updating Type values.
Converting Item Specifics to Custom Item Specifics
Early Sept.
Mid Oct.
Electronics > Televisions Converting Item Specifics to Custom Item Specifics. Mid Oct.
Electronics > Televisions Updating Features, including removal of 'Widescreen', and adding Resolution (1080p etc). Minor renames in Definition. Early Sept.
iPod & MP3 Players Updating Brand, Product Line (including removals of infrequently used values), Features, Storage Capacity and Computer Interface. Early Sept.
Tickets> Experiences Converting Item Specifics to Custom Item Specifics. Mid Oct.
Video Games > Accessories Renaming Platform values to Xbox, Xbox 360 and Super Nintendo and adjusting Type and Sub-Type values. Early Sept.