Category Changes: Pottery & Glass

June 2017

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Pottery & Glass870
  -Art Glass955
    Contemporary4778Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
    Studio2743Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
    Vintage2744Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
    Other Art Glass Paperweights20Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
   -Stained Glass4767Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
    Contemporary4768Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
    Studio Arts4769Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
    Other Stained Art Glass1230Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
   Stained Glass184436New Category
   Studio/Handcrafted Glass152904Renamed from [Studio/ Handcrafted Glass]
   -Bohemian/Czech29554Renamed from [Bohemian, Czech]
    Unknown Maker160882Combined into [Other Bohemian/Czech Art Glass-989]
    Other Bohemian/Czech Art Glass989
   -British45527Relocated within Parent (i)
    Unknown Maker160883Combined into [Other British Art Glass-991]
    Other British Art Glass991
   -French29557Relocated within Parent (i)
    Emile Galle101659
    Unknown Maker160884Combined into [Other French Art Glass-992]
    Other French Art Glass992
   Italian994Combined into [Italian-64932]
   Italian64932New Category
   Maltese64934Renamed from [Maltese/ Mdina]
   -North American29560Relocated within Parent (i)
     Limited Editions2725Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Bells2720Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Burmese2721Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Coin Dot160885Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Crests2722Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Figurines2723Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Hobnail2724Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Shoes2726Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Vases160886Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Other Fenton Art Glass21Combined into [Fenton-2719]
    Pairpoint/Mt. Washington4774Renamed from [Pairpoint, Mt. Washington]
    Robert Held166786
    St. Clair2693
    Unknown Maker160887Combined into [Other North American Art Glass-78047]
    Other North American Art Glass78047
   -Scandinavian29562Relocated within Parent (i)
    Kosta Boda29564
    Mats Jonasson123449
    Unknown Maker160888Combined into [Other Scandinavian Art Glass-995]
    Other Scandinavian Art Glass995
   Other Countries15Combined into [Other Art Glass-184437]
   Price Guides & Publications170127Combined into [Nonfiction-171243]
   Other Art Glass988Combined into [Other Art Glass-184437]
   Other Art Glass184437New Category
   -40s, 50s, 60s4207
    -Anchor Hocking25474
     Early American Prescut/EAPC25475
     Forest Green25476
     Lido, Soreno27258
     Royal Ruby25477
     Other Anchor Hocking 40s-60s4208
    L.E. Smith4215
    U.S. Glass4216
    Unknown Maker29553
    Other 40s, 50s, 60s Glassware1010
   -Carnival Glass2668
    -Contemporary (1940-Now)33966
     Unknown Maker33968
     Other Contemp. Carnival Glass4759
    -Vintage (Pre-1940)29566
     Unknown Maker33969
     Other Vintage Carnival Glass4760
   -Childrens Glass4931
   -Contemporary Glass996
    J.G. Durand, Cristal d'Arques29571
    L.E. Smith2692
    L.G. Wright2695
    Princess House2691
    Unknown Maker29572
    Other Contemporary Glass997
   Crackle Glass2712
   -Cut Glass2714
    American Brilliant7290
    Other Cut Glass2713
    Akro Agate2696
    -Anchor Hocking34101
     Block Optic34102
     Mayfair/Open Rose34106
     Miss America34107
     Old Colony/Open Lace/Lace Edge34108
     Other Hocking Depression Glass1003
     Sharon/Cabbage Rose34115
     Other Federal Depression Glass1004
     Florentine 1 & 234117
     Royal Lace34119
     Other Hazel-Atlas Glassware1005
     Cherry Blossom34121
     Iris & Herringbone34124
     Other Jeannette Glassware1007
    L.E. Smith2698
     American Sweetheart34127
     Other Macbeth-Evans Glassware1008
    U.S. Glass1009
    Unknown Maker29573
    Mixed Items34129
    Other Depression Glassware78048
   -EAPG Pattern Glass 1850-19102705
    Ruby Stained2709
    Other EAPG Patterned Glassware22
     Apple Blossom168279
     Rose Point34132
     Other Cambridge Glassware1021
    Duncan & Miller1022
     Etched Patterns34138
     Other Fostoria Glassware1023
     Animals, Figures34140
     Cape Cod34142
     Laced Edge168287
     Old Williamsburg168288
     Other Imperial Glassware1025
    New Martinsville/Viking1027
    Paden City1028
     Animals, Figures34144
     Beaded Edge168290
     Della Robbia168291
     English Hobnail34145
     Old Quilt168292
     Paneled Grape34146
     Other Westmoreland Glassware1030
    Unknown Maker25479
    Mixed Items34147
    Other Elegant Glassware23
   -Kitchen Glassware1011
    Beverage Items2699
    Butter Dishes1014
    Corning Ware, Corelle2759
    Measuring Cups1016
    Mixing Bowls2701
    Refrigerator Items2703
    Swanky Swigs1018
    Other Kitchen Glassware1012
    Other Opaque Glassware18
   Pressed Glass4764
   Stretch Glass2745
   Unknown Type168293
   Price Guides & Publications170128
   Other Glassware14
  Wholesale Lots60101
 -Pottery & China18875
  -Art Pottery27
   Studio/ Handcrafted Pottery27357
   American Bisque160896
   Blue Mountain21197
   Bordallo Pinheiro160897
   California Pottery160898
   Colorado Pottery783
   Coors Pottery2757
   Dakota Pottery784
   Franciscan/ Gladding-McBean162112
   Frankoma, Gracetone449
   Made in Japan2780
   North Carolina Pottery88463
   Robinson Ransbottom18907
   SEG/Paul Revere2787
   Van Briggle590
   Vernon Kilns162113
   Central/South American Pottery162114
   -European Pottery162115
    Bohemian, Czech162117
    Other European Art Pottery162119
   Polish Pottery1044
   Scandinavian Pottery1045
   Other American Pottery4232
   Other Asian Pottery2751
   Other British Pottery1043
   Other Canadian Pottery160907
   Unknown Maker160911
   Price Guides & Publications170129
   Other Art Pottery86
  -China & Dinnerware24
   Restaurant Ware7293
   American Limoges/Sebring18877
   Barker Bros, Sampson Smith2794
   Bing & Grondahl2796
   Blue Danube160913
   Blue Ridge1231
   Blue Willow2753
   Burleigh/Burgess & Leigh18896
   California Pottery443
   Carlton Ware4219
   Crown Devon2760
   Crown Ducal4222
   Crown Staffordshire20834
   ES Prussia160914
   Fiesta: Contemporary473
   Fiesta: Vintage87
   Fine China of Japan2800
   Fitz & Floyd2801
   Flow Blue1241
   Frankoma, Gracetone45531
   George, W. S.18899
   Goss Crested China2802
   Grafton/Royal Grafton18879
   Harmony House/Sears18881
   Homer Laughlin451
   Hummel, Goebel88
   Hutschenreuther/ Tirschenreuth18882
   International China18900
   James Kent4223
   Johnson Brothers2776
   Lord Nelson2806
   Made in Japan2807
   Meakin Alfred2808
   Meakin J. & G.4224
   Monmouth/ Marcrest/Western SW18902
   Occupied Japan469
   Paden City2788
   Pope Gosser18885
   Red Wing, Rumrill455
   Royal Albert4227
   Royal Bayreuth1243
   Royal Chelsea166787
   Royal China18908
   Royal Copenhagen4228
   Royal Copley456
   Royal Crown Derby18886
   Royal Doulton95
   Royal Dux2815
   Royal Staffordshire/Wilkinson18887
   Royal Standard4229
   Royal Vienna166788
   Royal Winton/Grimwades4230
   Royal Worcester4231
   RS Prussia471
   Russel Wright457
   Sascha Brastoff18910
   Southern Potteries2773
   Susie Cooper18913
   Syracuse China18890
   Taylor Smith & Taylor18914
   Universal Potteries18915
   Vernon Kilns1046
   Villeroy & Boch2818
   Wood & Sons18917
   -Children's Dishes50697
   -Commemorative Pieces50699
   Other Figurines26
   Other Figurines: Animals474
   Other Headvases1233
   Other Tableware517
   Other Tea Pots & Tea Sets1238
   Other Wall Pockets1240
   Unknown Maker160916
   Price Guides & Publications170130
   Other China & Dinnerware25
  Wholesale Lots60102


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