Category Changes: Musical Instruments

October 2016

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Musical Instruments & Gear619 
   Alto Horns101554 
   French Horns16215 
  -Parts & Accessories182138 
    Bags & Cases182139 
    Care & Cleaning182140 
    Practice Aids182143 
    Other Accessories182146 
   Other Brass Instruments620 
 -DJ Equipment48458 
   Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS)182110 
   DJ & Monitoring Headphones14985 
   DJ CD/MP3 Players91384 
   DJ Controllers182111 
   DJ Equipment Packages157158 
   DJ Mixers19699 
   DJ Turntables48460 
   DJ Turntable Parts & Accs157161 
   Other DJ Equipment163862 
 -Guitars & Basses3858 
   Acoustic Guitars33021 
   Acoustic Electric Guitars22966 
   Bass Guitars4713 
  -Beginner Packages84659 
    Acoustic Guitar47066 
    Bass Guitar64398 
    Electric Guitar47074 
   Cigar Box Guitars181221 
   Classical Guitars119544 
   Guitar Amplifiers38072 
   Guitar Builder/Luthier Supply47067 
   Electric Guitars33034 
   Lap & Pedal Steel Guitars181220 
   Travel Guitars159948 
  -Parts & Accessories180009 
   -Effects Pedals181222 
     Boards & Cases41412 
     Compressors & Sustainers41414 
     Delay, Echo & Reverb41415 
     Distortion & Overdrive41416 
     Filter & Modulation101973 
     Loopers & Samplers101974 
     Phasers & Shifters41420 
     Power Supplies101975 
     Wah & Volume41422 
     Other Guitar Effects Pedals22669 
    Amplifier Parts & Accessories183389New Category
   -Guitar Parts181223 
     Knobs, Jacks, Switches47076 
     Tuning Pegs41434 
     Other Guitar Parts46678 
    Polishes & Cleaners46680 
    Stands & Hangers22671 
    Other Guitar Parts & Accs7266 
   Other Guitars621 
 -Instruction Books, CDs & Video182150 
   Keyboard & Piano38101 
   Music Theory & Ear Training117051 
   Wind & Woodwinds41788 
   Other Music Instruction23308 
 -Karaoke Entertainment175696 
   Complete Karaoke Systems64602 
   Players & Mic-Based Players64606 
   Karaoke CDGs, DVDs & Media64604 
   Karaoke Microphones50590 
   Karaoke Mixers64605 
   Other Karaoke Entertainment163828 
    Bass Drums38093 
    Electronic Drums38069 
    Snare Drums38095 
    Sets & Kits38097 
    Other Drums10175 
  -Folk & World Drums181228 
    Bodhráns/Irish Drums93771 
    Steel Drums181239 
    Talking Drums181242 
    Udu & Ibo Drums181237 
    Other Folk & World Drums181245 
  -Hand Percussion181246 
    Jaw Harps148621 
    Shakers & Small Percussion47090Renamed from [Shakers & Blocks]
    Singing Bowls39178 
    Other Hand Percussion181248 
  -Orchestral Percussion181249 
    Bells & Chimes41440 
    Mallet Percussion41458 
    Other Orchestral Percussion181253 
  -Parts & Accessories181254 
    Bags & Cases41449 
    Hoops & Rims41451 
    Mounts & Assembly Hardware47089 
    Practice Pads47579 
    Sticks, Brushes, & Mallets41456 
    Stools & Thrones47084 
    Other Percussion Parts & Accs10173 
   Other Percussion622 
 -Pianos, Keyboards & Organs180010 
   Electronic Keyboards38088 
    Grand & Baby Grand Pianos43376 
    Digital Pianos85860 
    Upright Pianos43377 
    Other Pianos16220 
  -Folk & World181489 
    Other Folk & World181490 
  -Parts & Accessories181224 
    Accordion Accessories182147 
    Cases & Bags148727 
    Keyboard Covers148725 
    Piano Lamps148726 
    Repair & Maintenance182148 
    Stools & Benches117049 
    Other Parts & Accessories21766 
   Other Pianos & Keyboards1289 
 -Pro Audio Equipment180014 
   Acoustical Treatments168129 
   Audio Power Conditioners159955 
   Audio/MIDI Interfaces123445 
   Cables, Snakes & Interconnects41459 
   Cases, Racks & Bags23789 
   Live & Studio Mixers4785 
   Microphones & Wireless Systems29946 
   MIDI Keyboards & Controllers178896 
   Preamps & Channel Strips119018 
   Samplers & Sequencers38070 
   Signal Processors/Rack Effects23791 
   Software, Loops & Samples177027 
   Speaker Drivers & Horns47092 
   Speakers & Monitors47091 
   Stands, Mounts & Holders29948 
   Studio/Live Equipment Packages177028 
   Parts & Accessories113484 
   Vintage Pro Audio Equipment119019 
   Other Pro Audio Equipment3278 
 -Sheet Music & Song Books180015 
   Vintage & Antique182152 
 -Stage Lighting & Effects12922 
   Stage Lighting: Single Units177022 
   Stage Lighting: Systems & Kits12921 
   DJ Lighting: Single Units177023 
   DJ Lighting: Systems & Kits177024 
   Atmospheric Effects Machines69960 
   Atmospheric Effects Fluids132998 
   Clamps & Mounts182104 
   Cables & Interconnects170088 
   Stage Lighting Controllers30889 
   Stage Lighting Dimmers182103 
   Folding Screens & Backdrops177025 
   Gobos, Gels, Filters & Lenses81967 
   Lighting Stands & Trusses29945 
   Replacement Bulbs & Lamps81970 
   Parts & Accessories12930 
   Other Stage Lighting & Effects170089 
    Upright Basses16222 
  -Folk & World181282 
    Autoharps & Zithers16221 
    Harps & Dulcimers16223 
  -Parts & Accessories182162 
    Bags & Cases182163 
    Bridges & Tailpieces182165 
    Care & Cleaning182166 
    Rests & Pads182170 
    Other Accessories182173 
   Other String Instruments623 
 -Wind & Woodwind10181 
  -Band & Orchestral181267 
  -Folk & World181268 
  -Parts & Accessories182153 
    Bags & Cases182154 
    Care & Cleaning182155 
    Ligatures & Caps182156 
    Other Accessories182161 
   Other Wind & Woodwind624 
   Clothing & Uniforms106454 
   Hearing Protection39179 
   Music Stands101555 
   Other Musical Instrument Equip1288 
 -Vintage Musical Instruments181162 
  -Vintage Brass118974 
    Parts & Accessories181161 
    Other Vintage Brass118977 
  -Vintage Guitars & Basses181163 
    Acoustic Guitars118979 
    Bass Guitars118984 
    Classical Guitars181164 
    Cigar Box Guitars181167 
    Electric Guitars118985 
    Guitar Amplifiers118983 
    Lap & Steel Guitars181166 
    Other Vintage Guitars118994 
  -Vintage Percussion181170 
     Electronic Drums181174 
     Snare Drums181175 
     Sets & Kits181177 
    Folk & World Drums181179 
   -Hand Percussion181180 
     Jaw Harps181185 
     Shakers & Small Percussion181181Renamed from [Shakers & Blocks]
     Singing Bowls181184 
   -Orchestral Percussion181187 
     Bells & Chimes181190 
     Mallet Percussion181188 
    Parts & Accessories182214 
    Other Vintage Percussion181192 
  -Vintage Pianos & Keyboards181193 
    Electronic Keyboards181194 
     Grand & Baby Grand Pianos181197 
     Upright Pianos181198 
     Digital Pianos181199 
     Player Pianos159954 
     Player Piano Rolls178895 
   -Folk & World181491 
    Parts & Accessories182215 
    Other Vintage Pianos181201 
  -Vintage String119023 
     Upright Basses181256 
   -Folk & World181260 
     Autoharps & Zithers181261 
     Harps & Dulcimers181263 
    Parts & Accessories182217 
    Other Vintage String119027 
  -Vintage Wind & Woodwind181202 
   -Band & Orchestral181203 
   -Folk & World181210 
    Parts & Accessories182216 
    Other Vintage Woodwind181218 
  Wholesale Lots52555 
  Other Musical Instruments308 


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