Category Changes: eBay Motors

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-eBay Motors6000
 +Cars & Trucks6001
 +Other Vehicles & Trailers6038
 -Parts & Accessories6028
  +ATV Parts43962
  -Apparel & Merchandise6747
   +Body Armor & Protectors183504
   +Car & Truck50428
   Garage Signs & Décor179412
   +Helmets & Headwear177075
   +Motocross & Off-Road Gear177112
   +Motorcycle Merchandise34352
   -Motorcycle Street Gear177099
    Armored Hoodies184476New Category
    Badges & Patches50427
    Base Layers177100
    Motorcycle Chaps183519
    Over Boots183518
    Rain Suits177107
    Riding Suits177106
    Other Motorcycle Street Gear177111
   +Snowmobile Gear100440
   Water Sports & Boating50436
   Other Apparel & Merchandise6753
  +Aviation Parts & Accessories26435
  -Boat Parts26443
   +Accessories & Gear26445
   Anchoring, Docking26446
   Body Parts50443
   Controls & Steering31283
   Deck & Cabin Hardware26448
   Electrical & Lighting50437
   +Electronics & Navigation31274
   +Inboard Engines & Components50440
   Interior, Cabin & Galley124106
   Jet Drives177692
   Marine Batteries184479New Category
   Marine Rope123703
   +Outboard Engines & Components111121
   Plumbing & Ventilation26449
   +Sailing Hardware & Gear181461
   Service Tools177712
   +Sterndrive Motors & Components177713
   Trailer Parts178949
   +Trolling Motors & Components171105
  +Car Electronics38635
  -Car & Truck Parts6030
   +Air Conditioning & Heat33542
   +Air Intake & Fuel Delivery33549
   +Brakes & Brake Parts33559
   +Charging & Starting Systems33572
   +Computer, Chip, Cruise Control33594
   +Cooling Systems33599
   +Decals/Emblems/License Frames50444
   +Electric Vehicle Parts177701
   +Emission Systems33605
   +Engines & Components33612
   +Ignition Systems33687
   +Lighting & Lamps33707
   +Safety & Security33718
   +Suspension & Steering33579
   +Transmission & Drivetrain33726
   +Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers33739
   -Wheels, Tires & Parts33743
    Hub Caps33744
    Tire Pressure Monitor Systems179696
    Tire Accessories33746
    Tire Chains180090
    Valve Stems & Caps33747
    Wheel & Tire Packages66479
    Wheel Center Caps43961
    Wheel Lugs33749
    Wheel Hubs & Bearings170141
    Wheel Spacers & Adapters122154Renamed from [Wheel Spacers]
   Other Parts6763
  Commercial Truck Parts50466
  -Golf Cart Parts & Accessories170140Renamed from [Golf Car Parts & Accessories]
   Golf Cart Cables & Parts158940Renamed from [Golf Car Cables & Parts]
   Golf Cart Chargers158941Renamed from [Golf Car Chargers]
   Golf Cart Enclosures158942Renamed from [Golf Car Enclosures]
   Golf Cart Windshields158943Renamed from [Golf Car Windshields]
   Golf Cart Wheels & Tires171111Renamed from [Golf Car Wheels & Tires]
   Other Golf Cart Parts75208Renamed from [Other Golf Car Parts]
  +Manuals & Literature6029
  +Motorcycle Parts10063
  -Motorcycle Accessories25622
   Battery Chargers & Optimizers62250
   +Care, Cleaning & Protection179735
   +Decals, Emblems & Flags183544
   +Lifts & Stands179731
    Elastic Cords & Nets183526
    Luggage Racks183527
    Saddlebags & Accessories183528Renamed from [Saddlebags]
    Tank Bags183529
    Top Boxes179719
    Other Luggage179721
   Onboard Tool & Repair Kits25644
   +Ramps & Towing183530
   +Safety & Security179723
   +Weather Protection183536
   Other Motorcycle Accessories25645
  +Performance & Racing Parts107057
  +Personal Watercraft Parts124107
  +RV, Trailer & Camper Parts50067
  Salvage Parts Cars168693
  +Scooter Parts84149
  +Services & Installation111098
  +Snowmobile Parts100448
  +Vintage Car & Truck Parts10073
  +Wholesale Lots50467
  +Other Vehicle Parts34285
 +Automotive Tools & Supplies34998


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