Category Changes: Home & Garden

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Home & Garden11700
 +Food & Beverages14308
 +Fresh Cut Flowers & Supplies178069
 -Greeting Cards & Party Supply16086
  Gift Baskets & Supplies16091
  -Gift Wrapping Supplies102378
   Cellophane170102Relocated within Parent
   Gift Bags102379Relocated within Parent
   Gift Boxes102380Relocated within Parent
   Gift Tags & Stickers184488New Category
   Ribbons & Bows102381Relocated within Parent
   Tissue Paper102382Relocated within Parent
   Wrapping Paper102383Relocated within Parent
   Other Gift Wrapping Supplies26382Relocated within Parent
  Greeting Cards & Invitations170098
  +Party Supplies3205
  Stationery & Note Pads177761
  Other Gift & Party Supplies170115
 +Holiday & Seasonal Décor38227
 +Home Décor10033
 -Home Improvement159907
  +Building & Hardware3187
  +Electrical & Solar20595
  -Heating, Cooling & Air69197New Category
   Air Conditioners69202Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Air Filters43509Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Air Purifiers43510Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Dehumidifiers79621Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   -Fireplaces & Stoves38219Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
    Heating Stoves84184
    Andirons, Grates & Firedogs79648
    Decorative Logs, Stone & Glass38220
    Fireplace Hearths175824
    Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds79650
    Fireplace Screens & Doors38221
    Fuel & Firewood175755
    Log Holders & Carriers79649
    Pokers, Tools & Sets38222
    Replacement Parts159895
    Stove & Chimney Pipes175803
    Other Fireplaces & Stoves20564
   Furnaces & Heating Systems41987Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Heated Floor Mats126214Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Humidifiers71240Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Portable Fans20612Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Space Heaters20613Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   -Thermostats115947Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
    Non-programmable Thermostats115948
    Programmable Thermostats115949
    Other Thermostats41988Combined into [Programmable Thermostats-115949]
   -Water Heaters115965Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
    Standard Water Heaters115966
    Tankless Water Heaters115967
    Water Heater Parts & Accs115968
    Other Water Heaters42234
   Appliance Parts & Accessories70574Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
   Other Home Heating & Cooling20598Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-41986]
  Heating, Cooling & Air41986Combined into [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
  +Home Security41968
  +Plumbing & Fixtures20601
  Other Home Improvement160038
 +Household Supplies & Cleaning299
 +Kids & Teens at Home176988
 +Kitchen, Dining & Bar20625
 +Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans20697
 +Major Appliances20710
 +Rugs & Carpets20571
 +Wedding Supplies11827
 +Window Treatments & Hardware63514
 -Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living159912
  +Bird & Wildlife Accessories75578
  +Garden Décor20498
  +Garden Fencing177032
  +Garden Structures & Shade177017
  +Gardening Supplies2032
  -Lawn Mowers43560Renamed from [Lawnmowers]
   Riding Lawn Mowers177021Renamed from [Riding Mowers]
   Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers71272Renamed from [Walk-Behind Mowers]
   Lawn Mower Parts & Accessories82248Renamed from [Parts & Accessories]
   Other Lawn Mowers159929Renamed from [Other Lawnmowers]
  +Outdoor Cooking & Eating149242
  +Outdoor Lighting42154
  +Outdoor Power Equipment29518
  -Patio & Garden Furniture25863
   Benches79678Combined into [Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches-79682]
   Lounges79684Combined into [Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches-79682]
   Swings79700Combined into [Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches-79682]
   Patio Chairs, Swings & Benches79682Renamed from [Chairs]
   Patio Furniture Cushions & Pads79683Renamed from [Cushions & Pads]
   Hammocks20719Relocated within Parent
   Outdoor Furniture Covers177031Relocated within Parent
   Patio Heaters106402Relocated within Parent
   Patio & Garden Furniture Sets139849Relocated within Parent
   Patio & Garden Tables112590Renamed from [Tables]
   Storage Deck Boxes184533New Category
   Other Patio & Garden Furniture10035Relocated within Parent
  +Plants, Seeds & Bulbs181003
  +Ponds & Water Features93632
  +Pools & Spas20727
  Other Yard, Garden & Outdoor159913
 +Wholesale Lots31605
 Other Home & Garden181076


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