Category Changes: Dolls & Bears

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Dolls & Bears237
 Bear Making Supplies50253
  -Antique (Pre-1930)326Relocated within Parent
   Porcelain & China4624
   Tin & Metal149387
   Other Antique Dolls32
  Art Dolls-Manufactured166700Relocated within Parent
  -Art Dolls-OOAK2404Relocated within Parent
   Gothic & Horror158448
   OOAK Artist Supplies158449
   OOAK Doll Clothing158450
   Other OOAK Art Dolls327
  Baby Dolls160840Relocated within Parent
  -Barbie Vintage (Pre-1973)15965Relocated within Parent
   Vintage (Pre-1967)250
   Mod Era (1967-1973)160841
   +Clothing & Accessories2453
   +Friends & Family15969
   Structures & Furniture15967
   Vintage Reproductions158451
   Mixed Lots48954
   Other Vintage Barbie15974
  -Barbie Contemporary (1973-Now)15949Relocated within Parent
   +Barbie Dolls15950
   Barbie Reproductions160837
   Books & Magazines15948
   +Clothing & Accessories15957
   +Friends & Family2451
   Licensed Merchandise, Non-Doll49222
   Pets & Animals48947
   Structures & Furniture15959
   Mixed Lots48948
   Other Contemporary Barbie248
  -By Brand, Company, Character15987Relocated within Parent
   +American Character2401
   -American Girl95230
    Angelina Ballerina95232
    Bitty Baby95233
    Bitty Twins168082
    Felicity & Elizabeth95234
    Julie & Ivy160843
    Kit & Ruthie95236
    Molly & Emily95238
    Today145880Combined into [Today & Other American Girl Dolls-15989]
    American Girl Doll Clothing & Fashion Accs160845Renamed from [Accessories]
    American Girl Doll Furniture & Play Accs160846Renamed from [Furniture]
    Today & Other American Girl Dolls15989Renamed from [Other American Girl Dolls]
   Anne Geddes63640
   Annette Himstedt15981
   Arranbee (R&B)4629
   +Ashton Drake84630
   Baby Face160848
   +Berenguer, Berjusa84631
   Betty Boop36551
   +Cabbage Patch20392
   Danbury Mint95241
   +Dollfie & BJDs160850
   Fisher Price95244
   Franklin Mint15982
   Groovy Girls45346
   Holly Hobbie1034
   Integrity, Fashion Royalty84636
   Kathe Kruse158452
   +Madame Alexander2431
   Magic Attic Club160857
   Marie Osmond15983
    Chatty Cathy2435Relocated within Parent
    Corolle95247Relocated within Parent
    Drowsy168085Relocated within Parent
    Kiddles2436Relocated within Parent
    Monster High180098New Category
    My Child160858Relocated within Parent
    Polly Pocket16461Relocated within Parent
    Sunshine Family160859Relocated within Parent
    Other Mattel Dolls335Relocated within Parent
   Mrs. Beasley52333
   My Twinn158454
   +Nancy Ann4637
   Only Hearts Club95248
   Paradise Galleries166702
   Precious Moments36545
   +Raggedy Ann & Andy45442
   +Rainbow Brite84637
   Sailor Moon2438
   Seymour Mann50258
   Show Stoppers166703
   +Strawberry Shortcake84639
   Terri Lee2397
   Other Brand & Character Dolls36549
  -By Material15999Relocated within Parent
   Hard Plastic332
   Other Dolls by Material2447
  -By Type16000Relocated within Parent
   Cultures & Ethnicities4631
   Gothic & Horror84642
   Other Dolls by Type239
  -Doll Clothes & Fashion Accessories329Renamed from [Clothes & Accessories]
   Antique & Vintage Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs342Renamed from [Antique & Vintage]
   -Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs15977Renamed from [Modern]
    American Girl15978Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Berenguer50254Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Bratz50255Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Cabbage Patch50256Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Cissy158455Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Lee Middleton50257Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    My Twinn15979Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Other Modern Doll Clothing343Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
  -Doll Furniture & Play Accessories18810Renamed from [Furniture]
   Vintage Doll Furniture & Play Accs18811Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1970)]
   Modern Doll Furniture & Play Accs1201Renamed from [Modern (1970-Now)]
  -Doll Making & Repair2408Relocated within Parent
   Other Doll Making & Repair2389
  -Dolls-Interactive160865Relocated within Parent
   Amazing Ally, Babies11694
   Baby Alive160866
   Diva Starz160867
   Little Mommy160868
   Other Interactive Dolls160870
  -Reborn122721Relocated within Parent
   Reborn Clothing122722
   Reborn Dolls122723
   Reborn Kits & Supplies122724
   Other Reborn Doll Items & Accs48921
  Stands & Posing Accessories160871Relocated within Parent
  Collectors' Guides & Books160839Relocated within Parent
  Other Dolls160872Relocated within Parent
 +Dollhouse Miniatures1202
 +Paper Dolls2440
 +Wholesale Lots52546


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